Why has Prophet Makandiwa invested in expensive cars.. Is Prophet Makandiwa doing anything for the community?

QUESTION: I have been following your posts until I ended up having a question myself. Why has Prophet Makandiwa invested in expensive cars including the latest benz that we read about. I go to PHD Ministries myself and Prophet drives a simple car but has invested in helping the needy including the latest where he paid the medical bill for a popular actor. Is Prophet Makandiwa doing anything for the community.

QUESTION: Admin i sent the above question on Friday but I have seen you have answered some questions from later days,what criteria are you using,is it an issue of you not being able to give an answer?

ANSWER: Dear Christina Sithole, I had deliberately decided not to respond to your question because you put it in a way that's trying to compare Men of God and I am honestly not too keen to be pulled into such a discussions where Men of God are negatively discussed especially if Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is involved.

So it was going to be good if you had asked about Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa only without comparing him to any other Man of God. Your follow up question is what has prompted me to help you in a way that I can.

Why has Prophet Makandiwa invested in expensive cars.. Is Prophet Makandiwa doing anything for the community?
Now Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophettes Ruth Makandiwa are looking after thousands of orphans,thousands of widows,thousands of the elderly e.t.c,they have built orphanages for the needy.
Prophet and Prophetess' approach on media coverage,I have tried to learn over the years and leant that they dont hunt for them to cover anything they do hense the little knowledge on the part of those who rely on the newspapers to tell them about the cars etc.

I am very greatful of the help being rendered at your church as we are all under one Jesus.
As for the car,I think the number of the needy that we listed above justify how he needs to be protected and that protection includes having a vehicle that has serious security features and every other thing that protects them In case of anything.

Furthermore he is spiritually looking after serious crowds worldwide.That makes him special to us and we desire the best for him in terms of vehicles with the highest level of safety and luxurious features.He more than deserves it. Also bear in mind that the church never contributed a cent towards the purchase of that car,we only saw it when he had it.Ooo did you hear that him and his wife are building the Chitungwiza church complex alone.The help given to the popular actor was very brilliant and needed.The dimensions are on different sides though,Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,loves seeing the Holy spirit doing his work especially those that have lost hope and are wheelchair bound.

So the more important a Man is the more protection he needs.I hope I answered you.

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