Man Caught Doing it with Brother’s Wife in the bush

Blood is thicker than water but this is evidently not always in a case where woman is involved. A Lower Gweru man allegedly had an adulterous affair with his elder brother’s wife resulting in the siblings taking each other to the chief’s traditional court for arbitration.

The incident, which has since set tongues wagging in Lower Gweru, occurred in the Shagari-Mdubiwa area under Chief Mkoba. Chief Mkoba confirmed the incident.

He said the wronged brother, Christopher Moyo, 47, claimed that he had on several occasions been warned by family members to be wary of his brother, Lloyd Moyo, 30.

The traditional leader said Christopher told his court of how his wife, Siphathisiwe Netha, 40, and Lloyd engaged in playful games, which are “undignified in nature”.Christopher is said to have defended the two as he trusted them.
“He said his wife and younger brother had always been too close for comfort although initially he had never given it much thought as he trusted his brother,” said Chief Mkoba.

“He went on to narrate that his worst fears were confirmed when he caught Siphathisiwe in his brother’s room hurriedly trying to spread the bed as if to conceal something.”
Man Caught Doing it with Brother’s Wife in the bush
Netha is, however, said to have denied the allegations when confronted arguing that her husband was blindly clutching at straws in a bid to toss her out of their matrimonial home.

She alleged her in-laws were behind her husband’s “weird allegations”.
Netha said the in-laws were inciting Christopher to come up with the trumped up charges of adultery since they had always resented her.

The chief added: “The woman accused her in-laws of trying to destroy her marriage on countless times before.
“In her defence, she told my court that Lloyd was the only member from her husband’s family who accepted her, hence their close relationship. She vehemently denied that there was anything s*xual going on between them.”

The chief granted a separation order and divided the livestock and assets in favour of Netha as she is the one who will live with the children.

“It was evident that (Christopher) Moyo was no longer interested in the marriage, so I granted them divorce. I gave Netha four beasts while the husband got three. The woman will also remain at the homestead,” he said.a

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