Daily bread: Effects of tattoos and body piecing with Prophet W. Magaya

Scriptures: Leviticus.19:28
28 You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD.

Reference: 1 Corinthians.6:19-20

Good morning children of God!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari! Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana uri mwana wemuporofita ita Aaaamen inobhowa satani!

Each Word which comes to us from God comes with a reason such that when some teachings are repeated they are also repeated for reason. We can have our own plans, however, the Lord God Almighty can change our plans as and when He sees it necessary. His Word comes to us according to the way He sees us His children and what He wants us to benefit – the Word of time. As a result we follow His plans and pass the Word of time to the world. This teaching will continue to come until God is satisfied that those who should benefit have done so for His glory.

Several members of PHD Ministries have asked me why their lives are not progressing yet they feel they are doing their best level to walk in the path of Christ. A closer look at their lives reveal tattoos as one of the major setbacks in their lives. Many have come to PHD Ministries in search of solution to various problems they have or simply attend the service as a norm but they get the shock of their lives when the evil spirits in them manifest. These evil spirits disclose the numerous problems they would have caused to these people and some relate their entry point to tattoo marks on the victims’ bodies. The devil is taking advantage of many people as they get tattooed innocently as a sign of beauty or other sincere reasons.

During one of Sunday service we had one visitor from Mozambique who came for deliverance and among his life challenges were unknown to him, tattoos. He is not the only one who has come forward but one of the hundreds who come forward for deliverance but only to be told that the root causes are mere tattoos. It is unfortunate that the most targeted victims are our innocent children and the youth.
Daily bread: Effects of tattoos and body piecing with Prophet W. Magaya
I have always taught you that after your deliverance you need God more than before your deliverance. You also need to maintain your deliverance in many ways. One of the areas you need to work on are the strongholds in your life that include your character and personality among others. Body marks and piecing are some of them. They act as a link or form of network to the dark kingdom and derail your progress in life.

Am I talking to somebody here?
Many might wonder what we mean by the term tattoo, a tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment or simply scaring the skin to leave a mark or marks when it heals.

Taking a brief look at the history of these tattoos can help many into understanding the motive and spirits behind them. Everything under the sun has a spirit behind it. It could be the Spirit of God or the spirit of the

As tattooing involves pain, blood and fire, primitive man believed the process released sacred life forces. The letting of blood was also associated with a sacrifice to the gods. The symbol or animal form of the tattoo was thought to bring one protection from attack from that very same animal or gain powers through the soul of that animal.

Are you here?

Tattoos are cut so that the spirit is allowed to pass into an individual’s life and take control of it. Most tattoos involve the loss of blood and any drop of blood has a spiritual significance to the dark kingdom. By having a tattoo you knowingly or unknowingly get initiated into the dark kingdom. You become an agent of Satan. You start doing things you never did before. Many of you are experiencing serious problems in your lives right now but have been wondering what could be the cause, it is the tattoo. It comes with its serious drawbacks in your life. It is not fashion but sacrifice to the kingdom of Satan.

If we truly belong to Christ, we should know and understand that our bodies are not our own. Engaging in the practice of body modification indicates that you believe in the opposite and you are telling God that He did not complete His job of creating you. Yet the Bible clearly tells us: “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body” (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

In the book of Leviticus 19 v 28 “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD.” (NIV) God makes it clear that He is against such acts and anyone who does it is acting against him and committing sin let alone opening a door for the devil to take control of their lives.

If you already have a tattoo or piercing and are wondering what to do now that you know the truth, here are some steps you can take. First, repent to God for violating Scripture and for bloodletting, which is witchcraft. Also, repent for defiling the temple of the Holy Spirit. Then renounce or rebuke the spirits behind the tattoo or piercing. Many tattoos have images that need to be addressed. If you have a piercing in other than an ear lobe, remove it and repent for defiling your temple. And whether it’s a tattoo or a piercing, anoint it with oil and break any relationship with the enemy that came in through the modification of your body. Be delivered in your ministry or come for deliverance. When you have the chance to attend our services, rebuke such tattoos during Voice Anointing and declarations, the Almighty Jesus will set you free.

Uripanapa here iwewe?

Parents, protect your child by monitoring his or her personal patterns and behavior. Check closely what could be happening in your child’s life and educate them against such practices of body modifications. Encourage them to understand the teachings of the Bible and read the Bible more often. You could be struggling with the strange behavior of your child not knowing it is that tattoo or body piercing on him or her. Take your child to a Church of deliverance or bring your child to PHD Ministries and have him or her participate during our Voice Anointing and declarations against powers of the devil. Anoint you child or let him or her administer anointing oil on the tattoo regularly denouncing all effects of the tattoos. Do not be afraid, Jesus is with us and we are under His covering. We have power over all principalities of the dark kingdom when remain in Christ.

Ibva wadzidza – learn from these lessons.

Shout, “Jesus I repent! I nullify all initiations, curses and covenants done over my body and blood to the dark kingdom! Yadah! Abbah! Father! I am covered by your blood my Jesus! Let me remain under the covering of the Holy Spirit my Jesus Christ!”

Glory be to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness.
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