What is an altar Prophet Makandiwa

QUESTION :- Good afternoon admin,i attended the crusade for UFIC sometime last year at our stadium in Hwange,i then moved to stay with my family in botswana a week later.Since then i have had uncountable encounters with the Prophet in my dreams,My second time to attend the service was during the anointing service this year and Chitugwiza Church complex,we drove with friends specifically for the oil service.Now in early September this year,i was supposed to drive to Francistown from Gabs for a job interview that had been advertised on the internet just after we got back from the oil service.I prepared for the journey just before i slept by anointing myself just as we were taught and demonstrated to by the Prophet.

During the night i saw the Man of God in a dream and he clearly told me not to travel for the job interview.I woke up just after the dream and it was just after 3am,honestly i told myself that this dream was the works of the devil.I couldn't sleep for the rest of the morning until i left home driving for Francistown.A few kilometres out of Gabs i was stopped by a police vehicle and they told me that they suspected that my car was used in an armed robbery in the early hours of that morning,I was in great shock because i knew my car was parked at home and that this was some kind of mistake,they took me to a police station for verifications and after over 2 hours of being held in their police office i was then cleared,the funniest part is that they couldn't find my car keys for another 2 hours until they realised that the policeman who had driven my car from the spot they stopped me had left for an accident scene with the keys for the safe that they had put my keys.

There were more delays until by the time i left it was too late to go to Francistown, i called my lawyer because i wanted to sue the police for messing up my day and career.I made an appointment with him for the next day but that very same night in my depressed state i was shell shocked as i was called by the police from Francistown and they asked if i knew the owners of the company i had been scheduled for an interview,they informed me that the company owners had kidnapped a lady and fled to S.A,the officer said the police had intercepted some information on the issue through an informer and they found my name and number on a list of women including the kidnapped one as well as communication with someone that they where bringing two ladies from a purported interview,i was shoked and cried the whole night thanking the God of Prophet Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa .Now my question is how did i deserve this protection because every delay that happened came after i had refuse to listen to the dream but the prophetic grace insisted on me going as far as being detained by the police,and what am i supposed to do to remain this protected,i have only attended two services though i send my tithe to the UFIC Harare office every month because we were taught this in my previous church,i have an alter in my house,a friend that initially invited me to the crusade taught me about this saying Prophet Makandiwa said it doesn't matter where one is,an alter is a connection to his God in the name of Jesus and again i always send my alter seeds to Zim,What is this and how do i get the better of it.I survive on dvds only and i lost connection to Christtv, please assist.

What is an altar Prophet Makandiwa
Thank you daughter of the Prophet for sharing such a great testimony,its actually a blessing for you to be able to share such information publicly and without fear.Let me run straight to your question which you said "how did i deserve this protection and what am i supposed to do to remain this protected" the other question you threw is "what is this and how do i get the better of it".
Firstly you as an individual did not really do anything too big to deserve this type of protection or should i call it covering.The work was done on the cross by JESUS who shed his blood for our sake,his blood has it all,his blood qualifies you to deserve what you didn't qualify for.

Jesus has anointed Men and Women of God to be our mentors and our Pastors ,Apostles and Prophets.To go straight to my point,we have Prophet Makandiwa who was sent by God to be our Prophet,hence he is a very sharp seer who was given eyes through which God himself uses to see into our lives,covering us and pulling us from danger before in harms us,its Jesus himself working through the hands and eyes of Prophet Makandiwa.Its your right as a child of God to be protected and all you do is to accept Jesus like you obviously did and then believe that he is the son of God,every other thing is activated by a currency called faith which is a biblical principal that Prophet Makandiwa teaches us.

There is basically not much more to it.There is obviously a serious advantage if one is faithful in the other principles like you mentioned tithing,this principle connects you to extra favour and connection to the spirit of God upon the Prophet,the spiritual connections are done by God because like in your case,you have never had a meeting with the Prophet but you connected to his spirit through tithing.Angels are coming to you in dreams wearing the image of Prophet Makandiwa as a trusted Man of God in the heavens.According to Prophet Makandiwas teachings the principle of tithing has a long list of benefits that come with it.If you were ignorantly following this principle i urge you to get dvds of the Prophet's teachings on this subject from the Christtv or the UFICs office so that you understand and enjoy every benefit of it.

You also mention the issue of alters mmmmmmm,my sister personally i am jealousy of your level of obedience considering that you didn't hear this directly from Prophet Makandiwa but you were given this as a tip from someone who heard the teaching directly from Prophet Makandiwa.Such kind of seriousness is very expensive among us as Christians,i bet some of the readers are going to be challenged by the level of obedience you have shown,the alters just like tithing have a long list of benefits as well.In Prophet Makandiwa's words its "bringing the church and the presents of God into your house",now you can imagine what that means.

At one time during Prophet Makandiwas teachings he mentioned that the heavens consider a lot of things before they can let someone die and with the way you are tithing and doing what God has asked of you,how do you expect to be kidnapped?.You are contributing to the great work of the almighty God in a great way.You asked how you can get the better of this anointing,and my direct answer to that is get as much more of Prophet Makandiwa teachings on dvds and on Christtv and outrun yourself by following every instruction and teaching your hear from him.
As for Christtv connections,please refer to the Christtv facebook page or visit www.ufiministries.org for further assistance.

Be blessed

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