Why did Prophet Makandiwa prophecy after MDC had announced that they wanted to do a march.

QUESTION:- Hi Admin, you can reveal my name,my question is, why did Makandiwa prophecy after MDC had announced that they wanted to do a march. Why did he not see this before the announcement,i have nothing against Makandiwa but takaendawo kuchikoro and we can see simple things, I had a friend who claims that he was prophecied to by Makandiwa and i believed him 60% untill I saw Makandiwa talking on Zbc news,  from that moment I don't believe that he can see anything because if Zbc had filmed me i could have just said the same since the mass actions had become general knowledge. Whats the truth behind these so called prophecies.

ANSWER:- Thanks very much Mr Peter Makaya, your question is very good but I have realised you might have not had a chance to do a thorough research, I am going to help you as much as I can. Firstly the 'prophecy' you refer to was not a prophecy but a translation of a prophecy that came not once but four times in four years.
Why did Prophet Makandiwa prophecy after MDC had announced that they wanted to do a march.

The first time this prophecy was given was on the 31st of December 2010 Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa gave a prophecy where he described that God had shown him a soldier shooting into a crowded place until his bullets magazine was empty,he could not count the number of bullets as they were many,he then went on further to say the peace keepers came in a little too late to rescue the situation.

The second time the same prophecy came was on the 17th of June 2014,Prophet Makandiwa gave a follow up to the same prophecy but this time counting the months from June, July, August and stopping on September,he then said there was something that God showed him happening in this month,"is it something good?" or "is it something bad?" he asked.He further said that at that stage this thing had to happen and he as a Prophet and the body of Christ could not stop this event.

The third time the prophecy came was on the 22 of June 2014,Prophet Makandiwa gave a prophecy that included an illustration which showed how a mother was getting fed up of a husband and how the children revolted agains their leaders in a church service,during this time he also said he had seen people who were about to "erupt like a volcano".This meant commotion in our country.

The fourth time was on the 7th of the September Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa reminded the congregation about his June prophecies and that he was seeing a green light on the reversal of this situation if we as the body of Christ prayed.

Then came the translation on the 23rd of September which needs no explanation because it was aired on national T.V.

Now my brother Peter Makaya, this is a prophecy given over four years and you say you could give the information yourself if you were given a chance but as who? Which audience is prepared to listen to you,and do you God hear to this extent.When did you hear this information from your source?, I bet it wasn't before the 17th of June 2014.

Since Prophet Makandiwa did not mention any political party or any faction,we can point at anyone like you did.If you need and further clarity visist www.ufiministries.org
Thank you

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