Why does Prophet E. Makandiwa not prophecy directly like other men of God from north africa that we know.

QUESTION:- Hie Admin, I understood and was satisfied with the way you explained the prophecy ya Prophet Makandiwa but I have one simple question though.Why is it that vaMakandiwa gave the Zimbabwe prophecies in riddles earlier and why not simply tell it like it is. Why does he not prophecy directly like other men of God from north africa that we know. They prophecy issues to do with nations point blank.Why riddles does he fear anyone?

ANSWERS:- Thanks very much for such a good question.Iam at times tempted to bring in verses but I always remind myself that it's not the primary goal of this page,the page's name suggests its purpose.
Anyway it has been known to be the habit of the Prophets to speak in riddles since the bible days and the truth or the meaning of any mystery inside the Prophecy will be revealed to the relevant people through God's wisdom.It also takes accepting the Prophet as a Prophet to have this grace of understanding every prophetic word he utters,the moment we do that,trust me he will reveal more prophecies from God.

Zimbabwe and the principals in the government have really shown respect for Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as a spiritual and prophetic voice of this country by positively commenting on the prophecies that Prophet Makandiwa gave concerning our beautiful country though our national television picked it up on the day which we heard the interpretations of the prophecies.You can't compare Prophet Makandiwa to any other Prophet because he is in his own different environment from those who you are trying to compare him with.There are many factors that God considers before giving a node to the Prophet to speak a word to a nation in a direct way like you suggest.
Why does Prophet E. Makandiwa not prophecy directly like other men of God from north africa that we know.

Environments differ in every country and bear in mind Prophet Makandiwa was the first Man of God to introduce the prophetic ministry in Zim and it's like a fire burning since then.Prophet Makandiwa does not fear anyone like you said but he respects everyone.If you accept Prophet Makandiwa as a Prophet of God you will receive a Prophet's reward which will include understanding prophesies even as others are hearing riddles.So my brother or sister It's never going to be the Prophet's duty to position himself,it's us who must pray for him to be fully accepted in all the relevant authorities,and Zimbabwe as a nation will enjoy this gift from heaven because so far we have not utilised him at all.

Thank you

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