Daily bread: Breaking the chains of limitation with Prophet W. Magaya

Scripture: Exodus.8:28 [NIV]

28 Pharaoh said, “I will let you go to offer sacrifices to the Lord your God in the wilderness, but you must not go very far. Now pray for me.”

Whoever reads today’s word will never remain the same! Share this Daily bread today! 
Good morning the flock of Jesus Christ!
Mangwanani vanhu vaMwari!
Hareruya vanhu vaMwari!
Kana uri mwana wemuporofita ita Aaaamen inobhowa satani!

A kite can go up but it is limited in height and movement by the person holding the rope or string. It can fly up but it is limited and cannot make independent movements.

It is the same with your life today, the devil allowed you to become a woman but he did not allow marriage in your life. The devil allowed you to get married but determined for how long you will be in that marriage, filled with sorrow. He allowed you to start God’s Ministry but made sure your ministry would not expand. New congregants come today but tomorrow they do not return. The devil allowed you to make money, but he is in control of that money. It is high time we cut the connection and get your blessings forever. There was a connection you had with the devil but today we are cutting it off. The devil was in control but not after today, you will go very far.

You were controlled by the spirit of limitation, whatever you tried to do had limits. You do business but your daily, weekly or monthly sales do not exceed certain figures, that means your financial boundaries are limited. You got a job many years back, you work hard but promotion is not coming your way, the employer keeps on saying, they will look into it. Some were promoted to a higher grade but the salary remained the same. Mumwe unongoti wawana basa, nguva dikidiki zvotonzi basa rapera. Rapera? Rapera sei? Each time you are employed, the company’s cash flow dries up, they start to cut certain benefits but as soon as you leave the company’s business starts to grow and that is an indication of limitation spirits. Kureva kuti mamwe malimitation spirits anorova tsuro negwenzi racho.

Daily bread: Breaking the chains of limitation with Prophet W. Magaya
Are you here?

Each time you get into a relationship it does not go far and if it does, it is filled with empty promises, the man is not fully committed to the relationship. You got married many years ago but there is nothing to talk about in that marriage, it is full of arguments and your husband beats you every now and then. There is no happiness in that marriage and your husband comes home late every day, comes in the early hours of the next morning or he sleeps out there with another woman. You thought your dream had come true when the marriage came but you have no children in that marriage because the devil set some limits.

You thought you had made it when you got that job as a police officer but the devil caused blindness soon after getting the job. You rejoiced when you rose up the ranks of international athletes but you were disappointed when you broke a limb a few days after and the doctors said it had to be amputated. After getting your class-1 driver’s licence you thought your dream to drive those 26-wheeler trucks had come true but you lost your eye-sight a week later. When you joined the national army it was smiles all over your face but before a month passed you lost your hearing. There are many situations that fit into this setup but all are caused by the spirits of limitation and setbacks. They are caused by spirits of hindrance, setbacks, reversal or contrary spirits.

Am I talking to somebody?

No spirit will control your progress from today and how far you will go in life will be controlled by the way you speak. Your mouth will determine how far you can go. Speak positive about your expectations and not negatives. Positivity breeds positive results and negativity brings negative results. Tell the devil, you are no longer in control of my life and I can go as far as I want without your hindrance. From today, even the sky will no longer be the limit. You are a woman of valour and a man of substance.

I break that limit in your life. You had a certain level or range of operation around you but from today onwards we are breaking that limit. Your life must not be controlled by the devil but your choices. You have great potential and from today you will realise that. You might be broke because of the devil’s connection but today that connection is broken. Your chance to read this Word today means you are already different from others, you are extra-ordinary.

Ask the devil, “Who are you Pharaoh? Who are you to determine how far I can go in life?”

“Who said the first report is the last report?

You limitation spirit – OUT of my life!
You delay spirit – OUT of my life!
You anti-marriage spirit - OUT of my life!

You contrary spirit – OUT of my life!
You spirit of setbacks – OUT of my life!
You hindrance spirit – OUT of my life in Jesus name!

I am resurrecting with the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ!
I am a woman of valour and a man of substance!
I am free from limitations! Free from delays! Free from setbacks! Free from hindrance!

I am crossing over as my life is turning around this month!
My life will never remain the same!
The first report is not the last report – devil you are a liar!”

Glory be to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

Let there be light – the light that pushes away darkness.
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