Drama as Sharon Macheso changes statements in court,contradicts herself

The trial of Kudakwashe Munetsi commenced yesterday with his wife Sharon Macheso departing from her initial statement to the police, giving a new version of the story.

Munetsi, who is being charged for contravening the Domestic Violence Act, appeared before magistrate Mr Tavonga Mutetwa. During cross-examination by Munetsi’s lawyer Mr Charles Chikore, Sharon told the court that it was Munetsi who grabbed a hoe handle intending to assault her with it.

However, in her original statement to the police she said she was the one who grabbed the hoe handle and used it to break the bathroom door after Munetsi had locked himself in.

Sharon told the court that due to the assault, she was bleeding, sustained injuries on her ribs and a fractured finger which was not in her police statement.

Mr Chikore then produced Sharon’s medical affidavit which did not support the said injuries. The medical report, which was read in court, only talked of back pains. Mr Chikore accused Sharon of lying to the court but she denied the allegations saying the doctor wrote what was important to her.

“I put it to you that you are a pathological liar. So this medical report was tailor-made to suit what you wanted him to write. Do you agree that all you said is not in your police statement. You said the accused grabbed a hoe handle, why is this not in your statement?” Mr Chikore asked.
Drama as Sharon Macheso changes statements in court,contradicts herself
In response, Sharon placed the blame on the police officer who recorded her statement for failing to note down everything she said.
“The investigating officer said it was not necessary to record everything adding that I should explain most of the things in court,” she said.

Asked by Mr Chikore if Munetsi was drunk when he assaulted her, Sharon said she suspected that he was under the influence of drugs adding that the night before the assault she came back home around 11pm and found her husband sleeping appearing to be drunk.

However, Mr Chikore said his client was not under the influence of anything before attacking Sharon saying that as a married woman she should have been at home at that time.

While Sharon was giving her evidence, she appeared keen on smiling which demeanour Mr Chikore said did not match that of a woman who was brutally assaulted as she claimed.

But Sharon said that was how she was. In her evidence-in-chief led by prosecutor Ms Gayton Vhiriri, Sharon said Munetsi was in the habit verbally and physically abusing her adding that on the day he assaulted her they were at his parents’ house.

She said she blamed herself for staying put in the abusive marriage.
“I blame myself for staying with such a person who is lazy and wants to reap where he did not sow. I hustle for money but he is lazy and just wants to ask for money from me,” she said.

Ms Vhiriri asked her why Munetsi assaulted her and Sharon had this to say; “He wanted a car, PA system and money from my father but I told him kuti ngaashande sezvinoita vamwe varume. At one time he said if I was to divorce him, he would kill me before killing himself.
“He also said that he wanted to drag the Macheso name in the mud. I think he got into this marriage for the wrong reasons. He had no reason to assault me after all what we did for him,” she said.

During the trial, it emerged that Macheso and his son-in law were not on talking terms.
“He (Munetsi) also accused me of being the one behind his sour relationship with my father. He forced me to call my dad and reverse what I had told him (Macheso) so that they will have a good relationship,” Sharon said.

In her evidence, Sharon confirmed having deposited the money they got at the wedding into her account, adding that they had agreed as husband and wife to do so.

Sharon said Munetsi — who was wielding a hoe handle — pushed her and stepped on her while she was on the ground before slapping and kicking her several times all over her body.

The matter was rolled over to October 27 for continuation of trial.

Source: The Herald

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