Teaching on money by Prophet Walter Magaya

Whatever is on your mind is what limits you. The first problem that you have is that you are looking for money and the second problem is that you are working for money. You should not work for money, money should work for you. Money is spiritual it notices your heart’s desires before you handle it.

If in life you want money enough to support you only then you have a wrong concept. If when you are not making any contribution towards your business or projects your profits are low because you are not there then you have a problem. You need to recognize the same profits whether or not you are there do not be the limiting factor to your business.

You are where you are because you have more liabilities than assets. The problem we have as a people is that we tend to purchase cars thinking they are assets when in actual fact they are not. A car is not an asset and neither is a phone an asset. A person can sacrifice to have a $ 3 000 laptop whilst renting one room or driving a $ 30 000 car when they do not even own a house. We tend to spend more than we rack in. it is not about how much you spend but it is about what you are saving.

Teaching on money by Prophet Walter Magaya
The power of money is not in spending it but it is in saving it. The difference between being poor and being rich is in keeping or spending it. Money is spiritual the moment you have you have a $100 in your pocket your mind tends to create a $ 100 problem. If you want to be rich learn to spend less, cut expenses and learn to save money. You need to understand what can change your life to the next generation. If your job is limited to you only you are on the wrong track and that track leads to poverty. If you are employed you will never get satisfied with your salary, you will only demand more money and it will force you to move jobs. You can never get satisfied from a salary. If you want to be rich create your own empire.

You do not need to look for money what you need is information. Do not kill your own children or generations by your failure to plan. Whatever business you venture in must better the lives of your children more than your own.

Our education system educates us but it does not teach us how to create money. You must think and associate with people who can help you attain information. The major difference between the rich and the poor is that their children have somewhere to start. Cut down on your expenditure and learn to save. Live according to your standard do not rush to live a flashy life when in actual fact you have nothing. Do not under estimate the power of a dollar spend less and learn to save.

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