Biti threatens war on First Lady

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MDC Renewal leader Mr Tendai Biti has threatened war on the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe for allegedly humiliating Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru during her “Meet The People” rallies held in the last two weeks. Mr Biti, who is former MDC-T secretary-general, becomes the second high-ranking opposition leader to incite and threaten war on the First Lady over the same issue following National Constitutional Assembly leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku’s utterances last week that he was prepared to go to war to prevent Amai Mugabe’s political ascendancy.

Mr Biti made the remarks while addressing his party’s structures last weekend, while Prof Madhuku was speaking at a policy dialogue held by the Southern African Political and Economic Series to analyse zanu-pf’s succession matrix.

“The hate speech by Grace (Amai Mugabe) will lead to one thing and one thing alone, war,” Mr Biti was quoted as saying.
Biti threatens war on First Lady
 “If one plants a storm, they will surely reap or harvest a tsunami. She has perfected the art of intolerance and politics of hate.
Mr Tendai Biti
“She has poured vitriol against liberation war fighters and we will not take such things lightly. Grace has exposed what we have always suspected of Mugabe, that he hates himself for being African,” Mr Biti, who is on record belittling the liberation struggle, said.

Since Amai Mugabe rapped VP Mujuru for alleged corruption and abuse of office involving illicit diamond dealings, extorting shareholding from companies, demanding 10 percent bribes; undermining the authority of the President and having a hand in the formation of reactionary opposition parties like the MDC and Mavambo Kusile Dawn; opposition functionaries have been lining up to defend VP Mujuru while denigrating Amai Mugabe, a development analysts said pointed to a hitherto unknown relationship between the VP and the opposition parties.

The Mujuru-MDC/Mavambo axis thickened yesterday with Mavambo leader Dr Simba Makoni vowing that nothing could separate him from VP Mujuru amid revelations a network of opposition elements and some Zanu-PF MPs, most of whom were recently linked to receiving funding from a CIA operative at the US embassy in Harare, working on plans to petition the First Lady on behalf of the VP.

Addressing a press conference yesterday Dr Makoni said his relationship with VP Mujuru was very tight and no one could put them asunder, in a way confirming assertions by First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe that his party has roots in the VP’s house.

Addressing the last leg of her “Meet the People” rallies at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Friday, Amai Mugabe revealed that the opposition MDC and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn were formed in VP Mujuru’s house.

Dr Makoni said he had a long standing bond with the Mujuru family that could not be wiped by political differences.
“I repeat, the late General Mujuru and I had a very good (and) strong relationship from the time when we were both members of Zanu-PF. But, I want to restate that General Mujuru was not involved in my leaving Zanu-PF to become an independent candidate in February 2008 nor in the formal launch of MKD as a party on July 1 2009,” he said.

“I also hesitate to add that one of my nephews is married to General Mujuru’s daughters, so VaMujuru ndivatezvara vangu. Hamugoni kupatsanura tezvara nemukuwasha wavo pamusana pekuti vapinda mumapato ezvematongerwo enyika akasiyana,” he said.

Sources close to developments said among the petition demands is a lobby to afford Mai Mujuru the chance to also embark on her own tour of the provinces to counter Amai Mugabe’s highly subscribed Meet the People Tour.

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Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo yesterday said the revolutionary party did not believe in violence.
“Zve war ndezvavo izvo,” he said. “We don’t know what war they want to wage because in Zanu-PF we believe in Peace, Unity and Development.
“Our position as the party is that we have the capacity to resolve our internal problems. The Politburo will sit and resolve those issues.”

Midlands State University Dean of International Relations, Mr Christopher Gwatidzo rapped Mr Biti for inciting unwarranted violence.
“For him to incite war against those who may hold different views of what the First Lady has raised doesn’t make sense at all,” he said.

“The First Lady has raised issues which the party is seized with which Zimbabwe stands for. If the First Lady condemns corruption and anything that seeks to undermine Zimbabwe why should Biti then incite violence?

“She has raised issues which define Zimbabwe and the Zanu-PF constitution in terms of moral values. I find it irresponsible for Biti to then want to incite violence.
“The war we should be bracing ourselves against is the war against corruption, greedy and anything that undermines the nation.”
Mr Gwatidzo castigated Mr Biti for disrespecting the First Lady for raising serious issues that affect Zimbabwe.

He said the opposition had no role to play in Zanu-PF politics.
“You have a leader of a political party in the opposition established by those who seek to reverse our independence having the temerity and audacity to attack the First Lady of this nation who is our mother, whether one is Zanu-PF or MDC,” said Mr Gwatidzo.

“There is no other way of showing disrespect than what Biti did. That is the highest level of disrespect.”
Other analysts queried why opposition parties have all of a sudden sprung to VP Mujuru’s defence saying their actions gave credence to Amai Mugabe’s expose on VP Mujuru as a godmother of the opposition parties.
Other opposition characters who have sprung to VP mujuru’s defence were Dr Ibbo Mandaza. Herald

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