Testimony about Prophet E. Makanadiwa

TESTIMONY: Please hide my id. Thank you for this platform. I want to testify abt how God used his Servant to heal me.i dnt go to Ufic but i have had a series of dreams whereby i see the Man of God and Mama praying for me. In 2012 i had a dream whereby mum and prophet adopted me as their daughter. I took the dream lightly bt last year i had serious attacks of the devil that i almost lost my life but the God of prophet makandiwa used his servant to deliver me in my dreams. I wish i had the time to narrate everything but truly speaking i thank God for this Annointing. My husband thinks they are just dreams bt me i know they are not just dreams.

COMMENT FROM ADMIN: Thanks very much for a great testimony brethren.This is a great testimony about how the God of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa delivers and works miracles through dreams. Those who just believe that he is a Prophet of God benefit without discrimination.

I don't usually do this but alow me to assist with a few tough corrections out of love.The writer could be benefiting much more in her life if she could analys statements like "in 2012 I had a dream whereby mum and Prophet adopted me as their daughter".

Testimony about Prophet E. Makanadiwa
Let's say iam an orphan and a couple offers to adopt me as their son or daughter to which I agree but then I remain at the children's home.I will benefit from the clothes that the foster parents are sending,the toys they send but there is stuff they can't send like the food,the nicely decorated room,the big TV on which I watch cartoons,the cleaner and air freshened atmosphere at their house,they can't send the brothers and sisters or new family for me to play with 24/7,they can't be there to hug me when I have a bad dream at night,the list is endless. This is all because when they offered to adopt me I chose to remain under the care of the children's home where even the word sorry I mean the food is not that norishing.
I will benefit much less than those who are inside the new home where I had the honour of being invited,something that is a dream of the rest of my mates at the children's home.
Anyway thanks very much my sister and keep following Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa,you will not regret.
Thank you

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