Harare man bonks prostitutes every night at home while ‘thirsty ‘ wife watches in shock

In a bid to frustrate his wife, a Harare man is reportedly in the habit of having s*x in his car with prostitutes at night while his s*x-starved wife watches helplessly.

Svodai Kambarami revealed in court that she is s*x starved because her husband Gift Kambarami has been having s*x with prostitutes in his car for the past 11 months. This came to light at the Harare civil court where Gift was seeking a protection order against Svodai.

“I am not the type of person that he is portraying me to be to this court. He is the one who is very abusive. He said he was going to hurt my feelings until I leave our matrimonial home. For the past 11 months he has not been sleeping in the house. He has been sleeping in his car with prostitutes. He parks the car next to my window so that I hear and see him having s*x with those prostitutes,” said Svodai who admitted that she dearly misses s*x.

The troubled married woman went on to tell the court that Gift was refusing to have s*x with her because she has lost weight.

“He told me that he doesn’t find me s*xually ‘sweet’ anymore because I am now slim,” she said.
Harare man bonks prostitutes every night at home while ‘thirsty ‘ wife watches in shock
Meanwhile, Gift told the court that he needed a protection order against Svodai so that she doesn’t verbally and physically abuse him. He said his wife was also cheating on him with different men.
“This woman is very talkative. She used to be big but she has lost weight because she talks a lot. Awonda nekutaurisa!( She has become thin because of being too talkative) I cannot have her as my wife anymore because she beats me up and she had been cheating on me with several men. I have never cheated on her and if there is a machine to prove that I haven’t been sleeping with any other woman I would love the machine to examine me and prove my claims,” said Gift.

Magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami granted the protection order which bars Svodai from verbally or physically abusing her husband. The magistrate however advised Svodai to apply for her own protection order if she wanted the courts to do the same for her against her husband if she was truly being abused as well.

Source: MyZimbabwe

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