Whatsapp exposes cheating woman just as Lobola was to be paid

PLANS to pay lobola and settle down in marriage went up in smoke when a husband-to-be recently discovered his fiancée’s multiple s*xual affairs through some WhatsApp messages on her mobile phone.
Rita Toro’s failure to be content with one man came to light when her live-in boyfriend George Ncube, who had plans to pay lobola, discovered some text as well as WhatsApp messages on her mobile phone chatting with another boyfriend only identified as Admire.

The affair between Rita and Admire came to light together with other s*xual relationships with other men (names supplied).

In an unsolicited interview, Ncube confided in The Weekender saying he did everything for Rita, but somehow she cheated on him for a long time until he discovered it recently.

When asked whether he was not using this publication to settle scores with either Rita or Admire, Ncube insisted that his actions were not driven by malice but pain of finding out the truth of his wife-to-be’s shenanigans.
Whatsapp exposes cheating woman just as Lobola was to be paid
He said he regrets having rebuffed rumours that his fiancée was cheating on him.

“I heard about her shenanigans for a long time, but I did not want to believe the rumours. I somehow trusted her since I really loved her. However, I became suspicious when she started denying me access to her mobile phone. On one occasion she jumped out of the bathroom stark naked after she heard her phone ringing.

“This left me suspecting that something was really going on behind my back. Recently, I took her phone by force and discovered that there was a new pass code.

“I found my way into the WhatsApp inbox as well as text messages inbox. That is when I discovered all the things that were happening behind my back,” he said.

Apparently, it is alleged that Rita fell pregnant twice during the period that she was living in with Ncube and purportedly had miscarriages on both occasions.

Ncube told this publication that his wife-to-be and her boyfriend had their love nest in Dangamvura high-density suburb and their affair was known to those close to her.

“All those close to her were aware of the relationship including her sister and brother. The sister would not divulge anything since she was also being taken care of by Rita.

“I even heard about it through rumours but never wanted to believe it.

“They usually met at a house in Dangamvura. Nonetheless, I am happy that I have discovered it just before I paid lobola.

“It pains me to realise how much I spent in taking care of her and this is what I get for a thank you,” he added.

Some of the text messages that Rita used to send to her boyfriend include “my luv” sent on September 9, 2014, “ndasuwa babe wangu” sent on September 7, 2014, among many others.

Intriguingly, Ncube told this publication that on several occasions her wife-to-be begged for money possibly to spoil her boyfriend.

“It is painful to note that she (Rita) used to beg for money from me to buy different items for her boyfriend.

“In fact, I later discovered this through the text messages and WhatsApp that she used my money to finance their picnics.

“She would lie that she was attending church conferences yet they would drive to Harare to have quality time. At the same time I was expected to provide money for fuel and food.

“When she came into my life, she pretended to be innocent. I had also decided to marry her simply because she had fallen pregnant and I did not want to continue with the notoriety of failing to be responsible for my children,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Admire could not pick up his mobile, while Rita could not be reached for comment after Ncube confiscated her mobile phones. Repeated phone calls on Admire’s given number went unanswered.

Source: Manica Post

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