Tererai Mugwadi: I don’t need to go to rehab

Silky-voiced diva, Tererai Mugwadi said she does not need to go to a rehabilitation centre to get assistance for her alleged alcohol addiction.

In an unsolicited interview with this publication, Tererai vehemently denied accusations that she was in danger of becoming an alcoholic.

This follows violent incidents in which she has been involved in under the influence of alcohol.

The latest one was at Londoners Sports Bar last week where she attacked the club’s resident dee-jay, DJ Torne.

“If I needed rehabilitation, could I go on for five days working without needing a drop (of alcohol)? How then does that make me an alcoholic?,” said Mugwadi.

She acknowledged causing havoc at Londoners but denied she was under the influence of alcohol.

Interestingly, Mugwadi could be seen stepping on tables, disturbing the peace of other revellers on the day in question but she vowed she was sober.

“So why didn’t you write that I was stepping on tables. I think (I was) within my rights to do so as an artiste,” said Mugwadi defending her awkward behaviour at Londoners last week.
Tererai Mugwadi with the late DJ Smoove
Although Mugwadi maintained that all the violent incidents she has been involved in were not influenced by alcohol, top music promoter and club owner, Robert Zhuwao, is on record for claiming that he counselled the diva.

This was after she had destroyed property at Red Fox club in Greendale, Harare, after she protested that the dee-jay was playing music that she did not like.

In that case, Zhuwao simply counselled her and recommended that she go to an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

“Mugwadi is like my daughter, so I forgave her for the violent incident and I advised her to limit her consumption of alcohol,”said Zhuwao then.

“She is a talented musician.” But for going to rehab, Mugwadi said “No, No , No” The Zimbabwe Mail 

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