Where past, present hospitality blend

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It is ancient, inexplicably beautiful and exceptional. In fact, it defies tourism magazine hyperbole.
The Lodge at the Ancient City is built on a rock promontory some 25km out of Masvingo, where huge granite boulders and huge trees are part of the architectural splendour. God’s grandeur manifests itself in the balancing rocks that have been technically merged into the superstructure of the lodge to give an ancient gothic outside look.

Blending with the superstructure are dotted trees and smaller stones that make one feel you have indeed arrived at an ancient city, where ancestors must have lived and left a heritage for future generations.

As one arrives and casts his or her eyes on the superstructure of the Lodge at the Ancient City, the feeling is both eerie and profound. But, once you get inside, the world suddenly changes and the hospitality is awesome.

Guests enjoy their drink at the bar in the Lodge at the Ancient City
There is no place in Zimbabwe like the Lodge at the Ancient City. Description of the lodge defies diction but it is the blending of the past and present hospitality tapestry that has set the lodge on a different pedestal, with others.

The Lodge at the Ancient City is a unique lodge built around a granite outcrop in the same style as Great Zimbabwe, providing stunning views across the valley of Msasa towards the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe.

The lodge integrates seamlessly with the surrounding trees and boulders of the site with dry stonewalling and soaring thatch structures. It is a perfect location from which to explore the Great Zimbabwe. The impressive stone and thatch lounge is set high upon a granite outcrop with huge boulders forming the main part of the overall architecture. Meal times may vary depending on the game drives and the season but usually are a set time.

All meals at the lodge are table d’hôte with a broad selection of dishes and are served in the thatched dining hall or open air summerhouse, depending on the season. Just as the legendary people of the Kingdom of Munhumuatapa welcomed people into their homes with an open hand of friendship, so is the same warm friendly welcome that await you.

One can also see the beautiful Lake Mutirikwi, Zimbabwe’s largest in-land lake, from the lodge.
You can relax in the beautiful gardens while reflecting on the rich fabric that has been woven around Great Zimbabwe, a place of mystery and intrigue. The lodge provides distinctive accommodation for guests, with furnishings that provoke thoughts of royal dwellings of African legends. All rooms are decorated with a warm and inviting ambiance.

The lodge has 44 rooms, 14 lodges with twin double beds and four family rooms that accommodate four people. All lodges have shower, bath tub, toilet, hand basin, electrical socket – square amp, 220V and tea making facilities.

The lodge arranges game drives, scene viewing tours and fishing expeditions.
Those who wish to have a modern wedding under ancient environments will certainly cherish Lodge at the Ancient City.

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