WEEDINGS: Accepting the weaker vessel syndrome (not cultivating yourself

But what she failed to answer the question why she hadn’t developed herself all these years? It didn’t take me so much to discover what the problem is, and which is actually seen as a problem.

I have discovered with many married women unfortunately many prophets fail to tell some of these women the truth when they come for prayers. It is not every matter that requires prayers because some matters can be resolved by doing the right things.

God won’t do for you what He has empowered you to do and that is why there is no prayer that can brush your teeth for you.

For some weeks we have been looking at some of the common mistakes married women make and today we shall examine the sixth mistake which is:

Accepting the weaker vessel syndrome (not cultivating yourself
Accepting the weaker vessel syndrome (not cultivating yourself)
I have discovered that a lot of women take care and cultivate themselves more as singles than as married women and many excuse it with the weaker vessel syndrome that has empowered a lot of men at the expense of women.

I am aware that there are a lot of men who wouldn’t allow their women develop so that they can continually dominate them but i often tell women that these are issues you need to resolve during courtship because the same man who wouldn’t allow you develop is the same person who will do everything to win the hearts of other women he considers as developed outside.

If he can stop you from going to school then you can decide to bring in the book into your house in form of books (at least he can’t stop you from reading).

I see a lot of women read but many read the wrong things like soft sell where you read about other people’s gist.

A wise man defined gossip as inter-meddling with information that you can’t use or that has no relevance to your future and that is what many of us spend our lives reading. For example how does ‘The MD of Colombo Bank caught pants down’ affect your mental development?

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