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Oluwakemi had been reading my daily lovebirds devotional and decided to come and see me after reading everything I had to write about heartbreaks. She was a victim of heartbreak because her man had brought in a second wife and she couldn’t place her hands on what she had done wrong to deserve such inhuman treatment from a man she labored selflessly for.

I tried to calm her down but she kept wailing that it became obvious that she had been badly hurt. In her story she was in OND 2 when she met her man and it was her who ensured he remained in school when he couldn’t pay his fees. She took in after her National Diploma against her parent’s counsel and they did a court wedding because ‘we were deeply in love’.

He got a very good job after graduating and they were living well until he started telling her about taking a direct entry form so that she could run a degree program which she declined. He went on to do masters and had his second masters in International law and diplomacy apart from several professional exams he had written.

Developing  Yourself
She said that she noticed his lack of interest in everything she had to say after some time and instead of seeking to find out what the problem was she resorted to prayers as she went from one prophet to another in her bid to save her home but the more she prayed the farther the distance between them. He started keeping late nights and stopped coming home after some time only for him to surface with his colleague at work as his new wife after sometime. She ended her story with ‘what have I done to deserve this’?

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