WEDDINGS: Punishing your man with sex

I woke up one day to a serious outburst from a married woman who claimed her husband’s demand for sex was becoming excessive and I sought to understand her definition of excessive only to realize she would prefer them having sex either once in 3 months or 4 times a year to which I simply responded that no man would take that. I often warn singles ladies not to bother getting married if they wouldn’t be willing to have sex with their spouses regularly.

Punishing your man with sex
  • I have seen women lock up their ‘supply tank’ and creating artificial scarcity because they want to punish their men with sex to which I often tell them that they should always remember that the black marketers are ever present by the road side and one patronage by your man can even come back to haunt you as his infection can eventually infect you.
  • The best time to deprive a man of sex is not when he has lost his job or when he has made a serious error of judgment. 
  • A man needs a cheerleader when he is doing well but needs a mother when he is doing badly. 
  • A lot of men feels less than men when they are caught in the web of inability to provide and you don’t want to complicate that situation by depriving him of sex. 
  • Every time a man loses at work or in the society he comes back home hoping to win in the bedroom and nothing devastates his esteem as his wife depriving him of sex.
I quite understand that there are times a woman is genuinely tired and may not be up to but how you communicated that is also vital and never fail to communicate the next appointment so that he can look forward to it and make sure it’s a few hours away.

  • So for example if you can’t meet up at 9pm quietly whisper to him that he should please be patient and allow your body get some rest till 2am.
  • This is not also to hold brief for lazy men because some men are actually lazy and have become irresponsible.
  • I can’t stand a man who sleeps all day at home or goes out to play draft in the name of ‘I have lost my job’ and wants to be having sex consistently when the woman slaves to feed the family.
  • Losing your job is not the end of the world there are other things you must be willing to do. At least show some effort and the women should bear with their men while he is trying to learn to stand on his feet again. 
  • Punishing a man with sex will always backfire and it is not a path you want to thread and do remember that depriving your spouse of your body is a fraudulent transaction as the Jewish Philosopher Paul of Tarsus said ‘Never defraud yourself of each other’s body except by mutual consent’

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