WEDDINGS: Be Submissive

Jude walked into my office looking like a man who had not had a decent sleep in weeks and his story moved me to tears ‘I was referred to your office by a friend because I was already contemplating suicide. I used to be a top management staff of a multinational and an associate pastor in my church but everything went down the drain and now I am left with nothing’ I was doing extremely well until my company was bought over by a new company and they insisted on changing the entire management team which I didn’t have a problem with but the devastating thing was the way we were disgraced out of a company I labored so much to build with my colleagues’

Be Submissive
‘My wife was the happiest woman while I worked because I ensured my family visited 4 different countries every year and she had everything she wanted but the moment I lost my job all that changed as I could no longer cope with the standard of living I had set for the family and all my effort to get a new job has so far proved abortive so my wife became the bread winner and i must tell you that it would have been better for me to have died than be subjected to the inhuman treatment I receive from my wife’.
  • ‘I had literately become the housewife because she gives the instructions and my esteem is gone because of the level of insult I have had to put up with her. From calling me a jobless man to giving a litany of woes each time she had to give money.
  • The situation has gotten worse that she has refused us having sex in the last 15months claiming that was my punishment for not having a job. In her words ‘A man who can’t provide should not be having sex’ 
  • ‘Sir I have really suffered and this has driven me into drinking myself to stupor and making out with call girls. I can’t really explain how I got to this level but I am in deep trouble at the moment, I have tried to end it all several times but can’t explain the force that keeps holding me back. Please sir I need your help’ (he broke down and started sobbing profusely’
I was moved to tears as I looked at a man who has almost lost his manhood because it was so clear that his self esteem was gone and I did try my best to show him what to do and point him in the right direction.

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