Most of the common mistakes that married women make are avoidable mistakes but occur as a result of ill marital preparation in most cases. Unfortunately a lot of ladies have been victims of all kinds of abuse in the past that they have been conditioned not to be able to treat themselves well let alone someone else.
fighting your mother in law!

I have seen people argue about what they have no clue on and have even seen ladies misconstrue your sincere gesture to help, thinking you want something more because their mentality have been messed up by the notion that every guy that is trying to help wants something much more from them. Discomforting attitude I call it.
  • Its bigger problem is a faulty foundation where the purpose for getting married is faulty from the beginning.
  • Our world has degenerated into a world where human beings are no longer getting married; instead we are having solemnization between shoes and cars or body shape and bank account.
  • The sad fact is that sooner than later their lack of substance would eventually come to fore and instead of looking for help they resort to blame game and tag it irreconcilable differences. 
  • So far we have treated 3 of the 12 common mistakes singles make and today I shall look at the fourth which is:
Fighting your mother in-law
  • Have you ever asked the questions’ who does he love the most between his mother and you?
  • That is one question people try to answer all the time and many live in fool’s paradise thinking they have the right answers. 
  • I have seen wives struggle with their mother in-law and even sometimes do everything possible to shut them out. 
  • If you can stomach the truth, you must know that you can’t expect a man who was raised by his mother for the first 30years of his life out rightly abandon same woman completely for you. Are you a learner? 
  • The first love in the life of a man is usually his mother especially depending on what they went through together. 
  • So she may be untouchable in his life for sometimes which you might want to prove yourself that you deeply love him instead of trying to banish his mum. 
  • I have not really seen so many mothers disown their children but I have seen too many women leave their men. 
  • I understand that some mother’s as well can’t stand you because they have their preference of who their son should have married and that in itself is a problem because that is stepping out of their boundaries but it is a thin line that must be carefully managed. 
  • It takes wisdom on your part and a strategic positioning to win this battle and that battle is what most women spend their lives fighting without wining.

Your perception of her to a larger extent will determine your reception.
  • What does she love and how often do you send her gifts?
  • Do you continually honor her even when it is obvious she doesn’t like you? 
  • Truth is everyone has got a prize provided we are willing to pay the price. 
  • There is no microwave solution to relational issues and you may not be able to do anything about her stance on you but you can choose your response. 
  • I have even found out that those women who complain about their mother in-laws often act worse when they become mother in-laws as well. 
Hmmm so what must you do to win this special woman?

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