She so impressed his parents when he took her home that they wasted no time in commencing their wedding plans. Eventually they got married and it was bliss all the way until she had her first child.

  • The pressure of coping with the new baby and taking care of her home weighed her down that she stopped paying close attention to herself. She worked from morning till night and even when she got a house-help she still had so much to do. Her husband couldn’t relate with the changes and things started going bad. It went from bad to worse immediately after she had her second child, which her husband started keeping late nights and of course started having affairs. She realized too late what the problem was and ran to me for counsel. Fortunately, I caught up with the man and during one of the sessions.
  • we realized that he wanted a babe while she had become a mother. 
  • Every problem they went through could have been resolved through communication but most couples hardly talk especially about things that bother them. 
  • Married women must realize that your man wants his babe even after you become a mother hence; you can’t afford to become dirty and unkempt all in the name of motherhood. 
  • You have all it takes to strike a balance and take care of your baby without neglecting your man.
Husband and child

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