WEDDINGS: Study and become the best at what you do

It is high time women begin to realize that the only corner of the universe that you have the capacity to develop is your self-development. Study and become the best at what you do such that no man can push you aside.

You have all it takes to become indispensible to your man and that is why you can’t afford to be comfortable with OND when he is on his second degree because it is only a matter of time before you become intellectually incompatible. If you don’t develop your mind there won’t really be anything to talk about with time.

Why do some men flaunt their women while some others are ashamed to present theirs?

Of course I understand a man has a role as a bride groom to groom a woman into the best she can every be because every woman is a reflection of a man however you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to cultivate your mind and be relevant to your world.

Study and become the best at what you do
What is the quality of your thoughts on social media? Would your man be proud of a woman who posts ‘This Afang soup is solid o’ or ‘I need to recharge my BIS now’ as against others who post quality notes that challenge other people’s thoughts process.

Life is a choice in the same way self-development is a choice. You can’t afford to expire while you are still young so stop complaining about the man not respecting you.

Earn his respect by becoming indispensible to your world and ultimately to him.

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