WEDDINGS: Not understanding the strategies of your competitors

So far we have looked at 6 common mistakes marriage women make and I must confess that i have handled more cases of married women cheating on their men and marital crisis this year alone than my 12 year of practice put together.

Mountains don’t bring strong men down; it takes pebbles to bring them down and what that says to us is that what break homes are mundane things that could have been handled with simple solutions.

I have seen too many women lose their homes to a younger girl that should not even be standing on the same platform with them out of sheer ignorance and it is time to re-write these wrongs and begin to assist our couples build sustainable and role-modeling marital lives.

Has it occurred to you what singles ladies read online that married women don’t pay attention to? Or how do you explain a man that is a lion at home yet becomes a lamb in the hands of another younger lady?

Not understanding the strategies of your competitors
Dr. Mike Murdock said ‘Trapped in every man is a king and a fool, the one you address is the one that responds to you’ how on earth would a married woman assume her position is safe in his life simply because he gave you a ring?

Of course I am aware that men should learn to keep their integrity and i believe there is no excuse for a man cheating on his wife. However many of the challenges couples go through are preventable situations if the right knowledge had been applied. The 7th common mistake married women make is:

Not understanding the strategies of your competitors

How on earth can a married woman have competitors?
Truth is for every 1 woman getting married there are 10 others looking for a man to marry and sometimes wouldn’t mind settling to become a concubine provided the man would accede to their terms.

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