Coach Tarie's New Book: Unveiling Your Purpose and Overcoming Career Challenges

While many find themselves unemployed and unsure of their next step, Coach Tarie believes there's a solution beyond the limitations of the job market. 

His new book, "Living By Design," goes beyond addressing the Monday blues to unveil a transformative approach to work and life.

Finding Your Purpose: More Than Just a Job

The book's core message centers around the idea that each of us was created with a unique purpose. This purpose isn't simply a job title; it's the work we were designed to do. This work solves problems and contributes to the world in a meaningful way, and it's this purpose that brings true fulfillment.

Coach Tarie draws inspiration from Ephesians 2:10 (AMP), which highlights that we are God's creation, designed for good works. "Living By Design" equips you to discover this inherent purpose.

Beyond Monday Blues: A Solution for All

The book isn't just for the unemployed. Many in jobs suffer from a lack of passion and engagement, dreading Mondays and feeling unfulfilled. "Living By Design" tackles this issue as well, addressing the root cause of the so-called "Monday blues."
Coach Tarie's New Book: Unveiling Your Purpose and Overcoming Career Challenges
Coach Tarie's New Book: Unveiling Your Purpose and Overcoming Career Challenges
By discovering your purpose, work transforms from a chore into an opportunity to make a difference. This shift benefits not only individuals but also communities and nations.

A Ripple Effect: Transforming Our World

"Living By Design" isn't just a self-help book; it has the potential to create a ripple effect. By helping individuals find their purpose, the book can address a range of social issues, including:
  1. Substance abuse among unemployed youth
  2. Sexual misconduct
  3. Marital and family dysfunction

These issues often stem from dissatisfaction with work and a lack of purpose. "Living By Design" offers a solution that can revitalize individuals, families, and communities.

Join the Movement: Embrace Purpose Conversations

Coach Tarie calls for a movement centered around "Purpose Conversations." By engaging in these conversations, we can help others discover their purpose and unlock their full potential.

This movement can bring about a wave of transformation, saving a generation and building stronger families and communities.

Get Your Copy and Start Living By Design

"Living By Design: Insights into the Purpose Driven Life" is your guide to unlocking your purpose and living a fulfilling life. Pre-order your copy today by calling +263 773301267 or +263 712106415. Visit Coach Tarie's website at to learn more.

Together, let's live by design and create a world where everyone thrives!

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