Follow Up - Your Financial Key For 2023 (Jerry More Nyazungu - The Chartered Vendor)

Good day team.

Today I want to share with you a story I think will help you as we are starting the year 2023 of a small business owner named Jane. 

Jane owned a successful clothing boutique in the heart of the city of Bulawayo. Business was good and she had a steady stream of customers coming through her doors. However, Jane noticed that she was not making as much money as she used to. She could not understand why her sales were declining, since she knew that there was never a shortage of money in the economy.

So she visited me at my offices, and from the conversation, I could see one thing, her problem was with her follow-up strategy. You see, Jane was great at acquiring new clients, but she was not very good at following up with them after the initial sale. She realized that she had been neglecting to check in with her customers, ask for feedback, and offer them new products or services.

I then explained to Jane that follow-up is always crucial to the survival of any business. When you follow up with your clients, you show them that you value their business and you are interested in their needs and want to service them. This helps to build trust and loyalty, which are essential for long-term success.
Follow Up - Your Financial Key For 2023 (Jerry More Nyazungu - The Chartered Vendor)
Follow Up - Your Financial Key For 2023 (Jerry More Nyazungu - The Chartered Vendor)
But follow-up isn't just important for new clients. It is also crucial for customers who have already made a purchase. By following up after a sale, you can make sure that your customers are happy with their purchase and that they do not have any issues that need to be addressed. This can help to prevent negative reviews and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

I also identified five main pain points that were preventing Jane's business from making money that might be affecting your business too:
  1. Lack of communication: Jane was not communicating regularly with her clients, so she was missing out on opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.
  2. Lack of engagement: By not following up, Jane was failing to engage with her customers and build relationships with them.
  3. Poor customer experience: Without proper follow-up, Jane was not able to address any issues or concerns that her customers might have had, leading to a poor customer experience.
  4. Decreased loyalty: Without follow-up, Jane was losing the opportunity to build loyalty and keep her customers coming back for more.
  5. Loss of potential revenue: By not following up, Jane was missing out on the opportunity to generate additional sales and revenue.

Jane realized that the key to reviving her business was to implement a strong follow-up strategy. She started reaching out to her clients regularly, asking for feedback and offering them new
products and services.

She also made sure to follow up after every sale, ensuring that her customers were happy with their purchases and addressing any issues that might have come up.
As a result of her improved follow-up strategy, Jane's business began to thrive once again. She saw an increase in sales and a boost in customer loyalty. She learned that follow-up is essential to the success of any business and that, with the right strategy, there is no shortage of money in the economy.

Learn to follow up on your clients and you will see there is no shortage of money in this economy.
Let us make 2023 different.

Jerry More Nyazungu - The Chartered Vendor

Jerry More Nyazungu is an Entrepreneur and the Founder and Group CEO of the M&J Group. 

He is very passionate about entrepreneurship and high business performance and is a results-oriented business leader who is passionate about driving results for business, both large and small.

Jerry grew up in the rural areas of Watsomba, in Mutare.

For high school, Jerry was educated at Marist Brothers in Nyanga for o level and Hartzell High School in Nyanga for his A levels.

Upon finishing his A-level studies, instead of going to university, Jerry took an unconventional route that was uncommon in his day. He chose to follow an alternative path to get educated.

He moved to Harare to start a new life independent from his home base in Mutare.

Upon arrival in Harare, he got his first job at Edgars stores where he worked for 6 months as a shop attendant until his contract got canceled the same day he was given an ultimatum to move out by the people he was living with.

Desperate to earn a living, he invested the money he had to start a vending business where he sold airtime, cigarettes, and sweets at corner Patrenta and Willowvale in Harare.

It was a harsh time that taught him some of the most valuable lessons he learned.

Getting started in business

While earning his living as a vendor, jerry took his savings to invest in his education until he became qualified as a chartered secretary which led him to get better prospects working for companies such as spar and zimbabwe publishing house.

After his corporate life was through, Jerry had a vision.

He found his passion in entrepreneurship which is what led him to start M&J, a company that was founded on the premise that he wanted to fix the economy by helping entrepreneurs, both big and small realize their potential.

From the onset until today, jerry managed to grow M&J from being a small consultancy firm to being a multi-company consultancy group with interests in media, tech, and accounting advisory.

From having a single employee with a $40 laptop, the company has grown to have over 50 employees working across three locations in 2 countries.

Jerry’s ultimate goal is to build the M&J Group into one of the world’s largest consultancy firms, employing over 2500 people.

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