Tinashe Mutarisi the Most Influential Entrepreneur in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, one cannot talk about influential entrepreneurs and leave out the name, Tinashe Mutarisi. 

He is the founder of the leading paint company Nash Paints. Tinashe has been an influence in the entrepreneurship arena in Zimbabwe because of how he started and where he is now. He has become an inspiration to anyone who wants to do business from scratch and only has a vision.

Tinashe Mutarisi grew up in Hwedza and lost his parents while he was young, hence he was an orphan. This did not stop him from pursuing the dream he had or did it become an excuse as some do. He defied the odds by moving from being an orphan to an influential entrepreneur.

Tinashe started Nash Paints in Chitungwiza in 2006 with a few employees under him and he took the company to another level by then establishing more branches and employing hundreds of employees. Now anyone who thinks of paint in Zimbabwe will think of Nash Paint because he has dominated the whole region and is in each and every major city.

Tinashe has become an influential entrepreneur because he managed to transform the small Nash Paints Company which started with less than five employees to Nash Holdings which houses Nash Paints and other subsidiary companies including Avion, Nashrin Cargo carries, Nash Furniture and many others. 
Tinashe Mutarisi
Tinashe Mutarisi the Most Influential Entrepreneur in Zimbabwe
He did not only grow the paint business but managed to diversify and penetrated other industries as well. Tinashe is no longer doing operations in Zimbabwe only but now has more operations in Zambia, South Africa and Botswana.

Mutarisi has received awards because of his entrepreneurship skills in Zimbabwe, some of which include but are not limited to, Top Business Leader the Year in 2016, Zimbabwe Top Business of the Year and recently was named among the Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40 in Zimbabwe. This has made him very impactful and influential especially in the entrepreneurship arena in Zimbabwe. 

These awards prove that it is not just a name that is talked in vain but has proved so many times to be a leader and a person who provides results and hence he has become very influential.

Apart from business, Tinashe has taken the opportunity to be influential through philanthropical work. He started the House of Hope Foundation and Tinashe Mutarisi Trust which has helped most people including the Bus Stop Tv and The Military Touch Movement. Mutarisi also started Nash Tv which has been seen helping a lot of artists to rise in the industry and make a name and a living for themselves. The pandemic has come as a disadvantage to the music industry and has seen many artists suffering and failing to make ends meet because people are no longer allowed to gather. 

Nash Tv brought a solution to this problem by allowing artists to engage with their audience via live streaming and this has helped a lot of artists.

Thus, Tinashe has revived and brought to light some of the unknown artists and giving them a spot to market themselves and make a living in the process. He has managed to become influential outside his main domain of business line by being a philanthropist hence become an influence to artists as well.

Apart from the business world, Mutarisi has managed to raise a family of six children and his one and only lovely wife. Mutarisi was raised in a polygamous family because his father had many wives, but he has taken it upon himself to be a man married to a single wife and raised his family so well. He always takes to social media his family photos of his kids and his wife and inspires a lot of men to be responsible and take care of their families.

This has made him even influential to the marrieds and singles who aspire to become married one day. He always reminds people of his humble beginnings in business which his wife stood by him through the hard time and processes to become an influential business person.

One can truly draw the influence and impact Tinashe Mutarisi has made not only to entrepreneurs but a lot of people in Zimbabwe. His resilience from the harsh economic conditions in Zimbabwe by building and transforming a small business into a large Holding company has inspired and influenced a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Thus, one can now envision themselves building a brand and a company regardless of the difficult conditions and surroundings just because Tinashe Mutarisi the entrepreneur influenced them.

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