Strive Masiyiwa - The Man Who Inspires Me!

A lot of motivational speakers and many adults try to inspire young people by mainly telling them to have a vision and pursue it to the end. 

Most of them rather just speak but have nothing to show for their advice, they talk about a vision that they had or have but do not have tangible evidence of the results and the action they are taking to achieve it. This is one major fact that made the man I am about to talk about distinct and thus inspires me and many other youths out there.

Written By Norbert Mupangapanga
Strive Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwean who now resides in London. He grew up in Zimbabwe but later moved to Zambia because of his parents. He is the Founder of the leading telecommunication company in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless. There is a lot to talk about this humble yet powerful and inspiring man but I will just stick to what inspired me in his life. He had a vision that was fought mainly by the government of Zimbabwe but what really took my attention is that he fought for it for five years till it came to pass.

Strive Masiyiwa is one of the pioneers of the private owners of telecommunication networks in Zimbabwe, not only that but he holds the majority of shares to a company called Liquid Telecoms which he started after Econet Wireless. When he started pursuing his dream he was fought by the government because they said he wanted to monopolize a public good. He did not quit his vision because of this but rather challenged the government and took the matter to court. 
Strive Masiyiwa - The Man Who Inspires Me!
Strive Masiyiwa - The Man Who Inspires Me!
He lost the very first battle in court but I believe that became his motivation. He battled with the government for five years till they granted him the authority to go on with his vision.

This got my attention, a person who was willing to fight for his vision not only with mere private citizens but the government itself. He never backed down but kept on going. I was much inspired by the fact that after establishing his company up to date it is still the leading company in that industry. Hence for any vision I have or will have in the future, I learnt from him that you fight for it till it comes to reality.

Strive Masiyiwa continue to inspire me in more diverse ways, he has grown his business not only in Zimbabwe but globally. Just from owning one company in Zimbabwe, he has managed to establish more other companies in different countries and providing employment to those economies as well as boosting their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He took his vision to a global level and is still maintaining and upgrading ideas.

He made me realize that innovation is not only coming up with a completely new idea but modifying the existing ideas in your own unique way. He does this by taking the opportunity of ideas he sees in other countries then come and implement them in a unique way in Zimbabwe. One example is the Uber system that he saw in European countries and introduced it to Zimbabwe as a new innovation as Vaya.

Strive Masiyiwa has become a billionaire because of one vision which he has grown from to establishing more dreams into reality. He is however one of the biggest philanthropists in Zimbabwe and abroad. He took it to himself to help the less privileged and orphans by giving them scholarships not only in Zimbabwe but to other African nations. This greatly inspired me.

Another great fact about him is that he is a man of faith and is not ashamed to publicly state in which many people do. He believes in God and he always says he prays for most of his ideas before he acts on them. I am a believer and this really inspired me the most. He also went on and created a page on Facebook in which he teaches people from different countries without making them pay.

Strive is also a family guy, married to one wife and blessed with five children. Apart from that, we have never had any other children outside his wedlock. It is rare to find a billionaire who sticks to one wife and focus on his family.

In a nutshell, Strive Masiyiwa is one visionary who has made me want to keep pursuing my vision no matter the obstacles and to do more and think outside the box after reaching my goals. I can go on and on and write a book about how this man has inspired me but for today let me end here.

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