It Is Time To Become A Blogger and A Content Creator (Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum)

Blogging isn't just typing words on a screen.


It's about sharing something real and grabbing the attention of your followers. You might be the best at what you do, but if you are not blogging about it, you do not exist. 

It is essential to have a well-groomed web presence, and that is exactly what I teach.

Online Success: Online success requires strategy, insight, technique and talent. Crossing your fingers and praying for an audience is not a strategy!

I created the Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum and tailored it to help those who want to elevate their online presence and business up a level. The Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum will take your hand and give you a backstage pass to the blogosphere.

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging strategy, branding, monetization, personality and so much more is covered under the Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum.
Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum
Bloggers Academy and Bloggers Forum

The Bloggers Academy provides personalized guidance, encouragement and inspiration to all levels, from absolute beginners to total pros. It doesn't matter whether you do it for the love, to support your business, or if it's your full-time gig; all that matters is that you have a red hot passion for this thing we call the blogosphere.

If you would like to use your blog to attract new clients, we know the best way to do it. If you are feeling frustrated by creating content, we can help you bulldoze through the obstacles that are standing in your way.

If you want to get a newspaper column, a magazine feature or publish a book, we can show you the ropes. If you want to be inspired, make your blog design really pop, refine your branding and get bigger and better, we're right there with you - no exceptions.

If it exists as a benchmark within blogging, we have either done it or are doing it right now. 


1. FORMATTING BASICS. Why do blogs look the way they do? We discuss the importance of great imagery, give you some easy-to-follow layout rules, and tell you our top tips for optimising your search traffic.

2. BLOGGING BUSINESS PLAN. If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there? We'll go through your blogging business plan in detail, covering the executive summary, vision, market and marketing, operations, team, and finances.

3. DISCOVERING YOUR IDEAL READER. Why do you need to know who your readers are? We'll help you to define exactly who they are, which makes creating content so much easier!

4. CRAFTING YOUR ABOUT PAGE. What should you include on this essential page? We tell you exactly what to address, discuss your story, talk about the importance of attracting and repelling, and will help inspire you to create a manifesto for your blog or business.

5. DEFINING YOUR BLOG'S PURPOSE. Why do you need one? We also talk about the key factors that distinguish a successful blog from those that never really get any traction. How can you create content to attract a particular audience? We'll share our secrets!

6. CREATING KILLER CONTENT. What should you be considering when you develop content for your blog? We discuss our secret formula for posts that get reach. We also talk about the importance of being vulnerable, our top five blog posts of all time (and why they were so successful), creating regular features, and why consistency is so important.

7. CONSISTENCY. What does it mean to audit your blog? You're about to find out what a blog audit is, how it can help you, and a step-by-step guide to doing it yourself!

8. SOCIAL MEDIA. It doesn't have to be a mystery (or a chore!). We'll tell you how to engage and grow your followers, as well as how to master Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

9. NETWORKING. Why is networking so important for bloggers and small business owners? We'll teach you how not to dread going to events or meeting new people, how to talk to people you don't know, how to be memorable (for the right reasons!), and even how to organise your own networking events.

10. BRANDING. What is branding, and what is marketing? What's the difference between the two, and why are they equally important? We tell you the essential steps to creating a charismatic brand and give you our top branding resources. What's the golden rule of branding? Just you wait! We show you slick blog design examples, where to find a professional-looking WordPress theme, and how to find a developer or designer. 

Then we discuss brand colours, coming up with a name for a business or product, trademarks, and how to gather brand inspiration. We'll think beyond the logo with lock-ups and wordmarks, before telling you how to grow your brand, share our trusted sources, and tell you all about one-sheets and media kits.

11. THE BLOGGERS ACADEMY CASE STUDY. We'll tell you the full story of The Bloggers Academy, and how we grew it from an idea we had, to a powerhouse online business in less than a year!

12. STILL LIFE 101. Why is it important to show your life in images? We talk about product styling, how to share your life in an authentic way, and why you shouldn't take too many selfies! We also give you our best tips for taking beautiful, still life photos.

13. ADVERTISING. Is taking on advertisers right for your blog? We tell you the most important things you need to consider before you take the plunge! We discuss what you should charge, and the different options for hosting adverts.

14. BRAND COLLABORATIONS. How can you turn your blog into a real money-spinner? We talk about how to work with -- and get paid for featuring -- companies and brands on your blog. We discuss what makes a good sponsored post, and give real-life examples of our own sponsored posts that have been a huge hit.

15. INCOME DIVERSIFICATION. Is it possible to make money from something other than advertising? The answer is, of course, YES! We show you how to sell your own services or products on your blog, discuss writing for, or getting featured in, magazines and newspapers, and talk about digital products: What they are, how you can create them, and why you should sell them! 

We also cover how to get a book deal, and the resources you'll need to get there!

17. IMAGE USAGE. Can you just use any old photo? Definitely not! We share our sources for finding imagery for you to use on your blog or website, as well as show you how to credit the photos you use, and how to find original photo sources so your blog is as beautiful as you are!

Meet Oudney Patsika: Oudney Patsika is on a mission to help bloggers and entrepreneurs create an infectiously awesome online presence. Blogging doesn't have to feel like just another chore on your to-do list: It can also be fun and profitable!

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