Check These Amazing African Ladies That Must Be Celebrated For Their Selflessness!

Henriette NSHAN TEM passed on to glory on Saturday 27 February 2021. She was renowned for her work in the domain of social affairs and advocacy, Henriette Thatcher, as she was commonly called, succumbed to the cold hands of death today after battling with a protracted illness. She died at the age of 46.

There are women and there are women who are selfless in what they do and go above and beyond to give back to the communities around them or that they grew up in. 

Everyday life experiences and challenges sometimes drive our very existence and enable us to do the things we may not have originally set out to do our thought we were capable of doing.

For this reason, we acknowledge and appreciate these five women who are selflessly and positively impacting society. Women who have done nothing but carry the community on their heads.
Henriette Thatcher
Henriette Thatcher

Health is wealth, and it is but good to let these women who have done nothing but cared for the well being of others know that their impact is hugely felt.

1. Iya Bekondo

Iya Bekondo, through her Foundation called The Iya Foundation – Kidney Resource Center has been very pivotal in engineering countless campaigns for kidney patients over the years. Her drive and motivation are based on her real-life experience as she had a kidney transplant at young adolescent age and has since then has been a blessing to many.

It is true they say that “only the one who wears a shoe, knows what spot that hurts most”, but you can at least imagine what it will feel like to be without a kidney.

Iya and her team have been powering, supporting and educating many facing this challenge by proving medical equipment to kidney centres in Cameroon worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist dialysis patients as well as providing financial support to kidney patients in the US and Cameroon.
Iya Bekondo
Iya Bekondo
For this, we wish The Iya Foundation more strength to keep doing the good work that they do as they go into a new year.

2. Nora Molangwe

Nora Molongwe a.k.a Nora Brown as she is commonly known is one of the most powerful women we have come across with another story.

She is a proud sickle cell advocate and you can label her a Sickle Cell Goddess. She is a miracle herself as she has been able to withstand sickle cell and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. She has been a motivation for many sickle cell patients and the reason why many haven’t given up. She has organized several campaigns through her foundationEmeli’s Smile Sickle Cell Foundation.
Check These Amazing African Ladies That Must Be Celebrated For Their Selflessness!
Check These Amazing African Ladies That Must Be Celebrated For Their Selflessness!

She has made sickle cell look like just status as she has been able to contribute to community building in many other ways other than just sickle cell campaign. No wonder she was awarded in the UK amongst 50 other influential women.

3. Akwi Anjoh

There is completely no way you can talk about one of the most dangerous diseases (cancer) without having to mention Akwi Anjoh.

Her impact in the area of cancer cannot be neglected and it can neither be fully explained in words as her actions speak much louder than any words can describe her purpose and cause. As such, we can only summarize what she has been doing in her community. You can only know exactly what it feels like to survive cancer if you have been around a chronic cancer patient. But many of these lucky ones have been blessed to have her and her selflessness. 

An uncountable number of lives have been saved through her and she continues to save more each day.

Worth mentioning is one of the latest breast cancer awareness campaigns that took place a few months ago in her community, where she made it her full-time commitment to creating awareness about breast cancer.

4. Henriette Thatcher

Henriette Thatcher is by far one of the community experts and social workers that her community has been blessed to have.
Henriette Thatcher
Henriette Thatcher

Not only has she saved numerous marriages and has restored peace in many homes, but she has also been a great wind of change through her blog Henriette Thatcher’s Lounge. 

Since the outbreak of the Anglophone Crises in Southern Cameroon, Henriette has taken it upon herself and made herself a trusted verse by people in Cameroon and abroad to donate and accommodate internally displaced people from the areas hit by the crises.

These are a few of the things she does, worthy enough to be called a community laden carrier, as she seems to do it effortlessly.

Henriette NSHAN TEM Death: 

Henriette NSHAN TEM passed on to glory on Saturday 27 February 2021. She was renowned for her work in the domain of social affairs and advocacy, Henriette Thatcher, as she was commonly called, succumbed to the cold hands of death today after battling with a protracted illness.

She died at the age of 46.

Henriette Nshan Tem won the 2019 Impact Blogger of the Year category of the Cameroon Heroes Award.  Henriette was a Cameroonian Blogger, Social Activist, Humanitarian Worker, Relationship Expert, Marriage Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Writer. 

She was the author of  A Beautiful Soul in Hell.

Henriette Nshan Tem was shunned, rejected stigmatized, but yet staged a powerful comeback, gained readmission in mainstream society to be an indisputable, reputable Positive Social Media Influencer. She is a Humanitarian and Social Worker that helps in alleviating the conditions of IDPs by galvanizing support to improve their well-being by starting small businesses, medical care, and education.

5. Delly Singah Philips

Media personality Delly Singah Philips is one of the most versatile women that pours her influence tremendously on her community.

It is a common thing to want change, but a rare thing to find people committed to and who love to follow the process. Delly is the Founder of the Delly Singah Foundation where she does her magic to reach to the less privileged. 
Delly Singah Philips
Delly Singah Philips
She is not just a media personality, she has a huge social media following through her blog Delly’s Matchups Match, where she connects people who are looking for love, investigates and tries to mediate between some of the most absurd relationship issues and scenarios and a platform where most regain strength to start over.

She deserves to be on this list of community laden carriers without any doubt. She is an agent of change who tries to vindicate the weak.

6. Monique Ntumngia

Monique Ntumngia is by far one of the most influential young women Cameroon is blessed to have. After winning the first prize of the #GreenGirlMonafric in 2017 in Kigali, Monique has not slowed down in any way.

She has gone ahead to soar with community building through her many projects, promoting renewable energy. Having recently completed the Green Energy project in Bertoua, the East Region of Cameroon, one can not underestimate or neglect the impact of this 29-year-old.

Looking at the above ladies, there is a lesson to learn from each of them, and the most common thing about them all is that almost all of them turned their weaknesses into strengths and are serving as a shoulder to everyone who looks up to them. 
Monique Ntumngia
Monique Ntumngia
If these amazing women are not celebrated as they should be, then we at The HotJem will definitely celebrate and applaud them for their selfless work.

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