We Need More Truth Speaking Teachers Like Bishop Tudor Bismark

We must revitalise and reenthrone superior teaching in the church- at home, from the pulpit, in our government and local authorities and surely in our schools.

In a world where charlatans have taken over the church, in a time such as this where false prophets are promising instant prosperity and miracle money.

We need more grounded and articulate teachers who understand the principles of wealth and prosperity, teachers who do not whip up crowds into a frenzy by shouting ‘can I prophesy’ they proceed to spew out empty promises of wealth.

We need more teachers that not only share and important wisdom and knowledge, indeed we need upright man father figure who are tried and tested leaders who are sound and firm in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Tudor Bismark is one such leader a rare teacher come from God, a Bishop who never frets about truth speaking listen to this short clip below
We Need More Truth Speaking Teachers Like Bishop Tudor Bismark
Key points to take away:
- Have an understanding of how things work.
- Prayer is not in the success equation. Prayer is in the revelation equation.
- Decision making is in the success equation. You have to make a decision and be sound.
- We have to be disciplined and make sure that we go and get what God has called us to get.
- You can still be filled with the Holy Ghost, but still be ignorant.

Inspired teaching must never become a lost art in the Church, and we must make certain our quest for it does not become a lost tradition particularly in this generation where the performance of miracles seem to be a focal point as opposed to teaching sound biblical truth.

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