Prophetess Eunor Guti The Wife Of ZAOGA Visionary Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti!

Apostle Eunor Guti has been called by God to various areas of ministry and has inspired the hearts of thousands worldwide with her gift of Evangelism. 

In working as a team with her husband Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti, she has led many souls to Jesus Christ and continues working diligently as an apostle, evangelist, wife, mother, and servant of the Lord. She is a mother, an inspiration to many, and a friend to young people.

Apostle Dr Eunor Guti holds a B.A; M.A; and a D.Min from Friends University. She is a recipient of the Esther's Leadership Award from the Third World Leaders Association presented to her by the Honorable Prime Minister of the Bahamas. 

Apostle Eunor Guti is the Director of the Women's Ministry in Forward in Faith Ministries International and has founded several women’s ministries that have impacted millions including political leaders throughout Africa. She is a great motivator who has inspired intercession groups and spoken in multiple women's conferences, family conventions, youth and leadership seminars all over the world.
Prophetess Eunor Guti The Wife Of ZAOGA Visionary Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti!
Prophetess Eunor Guti The Wife Of ZAOGA Visionary Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti!
Along with her credentials and achievements, she is credited as being the first female marriage officer in Zimbabwe and has made a practical demonstration of how a woman can submit to her husband while remaining a vessel of influence.

Dr Eunor says, "Women, you are highly favoured of God. Rise up and take your position... not above your husband's head, not under his feet, but side by side with him next to his heart with a sweet spirit. Be outstanding in the things of God..."

Apostle Eunor ministers the word of God with great passion, and in 2005, was commissioned by Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti to lay the foundation of the Good News Deliverance Explo movement. Having a prophetic message for the nations, Apostle Eunor and the Explo team began in Zimbabwe preaching deliverance from darkness to light, poverty to prosperity, ignorance to knowledge, and laziness to diligence.

Many people have received their miracles while simply listening to her and other anointed preachers as they minister the word of God. Good News Deliverance Explo is progressing throughout Forward in Faith churches worldwide, with preachers, teachers, and evangelists travelling and taking the message through their cities.

Dr. Eunor preachers the word of God, followed by signs and wonders. Believers and non-believers receive the fire of the Holy Ghost, and miracles are seen. 

The crippled walk, the blind see, the mute speak, the barren conceive, and those under demonic oppression are set free.
Prophetess Eunor Guti The Wife Of ZAOGA Visionary Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti!
Prophetess Eunor Guti The Wife Of ZAOGA Visionary Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti!

She is a strong woman, A woman of Character, A woman of influence and those who met her can surely attest to that. A lot of Women, Men, Boys and Girls have learnt so much from the feet of the maidservant of God Dr Eunor Guti.

Have you ever listened when she teaches? She regard Apostle Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti as our father not her Husband…. rarely will you hear her saying my husband this or my husband that…. That’s the highest degree of Humility and I am for once believe she plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the true seed of FIF is preserved through her relentless teachings on the Doctrine of FIFMI and other fundamentals of Christian Faith.

She repeatedly showed us how we should relate with The Men of God in our lives.. Through how she relates with our father. She regards him as our father, The Servant of God, An Apostle and in doing so she taps into the Spiritual anointing upon the life of our father and upon the vision that the Lord imparted upon him.

“There is provision for every vision “... Her understanding of the Vision of the ministry had made her to believe in God’s provision in totality…She is a businesswoman, She is a prophetess, She is a teacher of the word of God, She is a Great Evangelist, She is a counsellor, She is a Pastor, She is the mother of the Ministry, She is a mother to many... She is indeed a blessing even unto our father…. as the Bible clearly states that He who finds a good wife obtains favour from God”

Archbishop Dr. EH Guti Profile:

Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti is the founder of Forward in Faith Ministries International, one of the largest and fastest-growing churches which have spread to over 100 nations and states. A gifted evangelist, a veteran pastor, and renowned prophet with unmistakable marks of apostleship, Dr. Guti is a humble servant of God, and has distinguished himself as a leading personality in the Pentecostal world.

In 2010, ZAOGA FIFMI celebrated its 50th anniversary, where Apostle Dr. EH Guti addresses a crowd of over 50,000 believers in Zimbabwe at the national sports stadium in Harare. The event was historical, and was broadcast live on Ezekiel TV, a Christian television network broadcasting from South Africa, found by Apostles Dr. Ezekiel and Eunor Guti.

Having travelled the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ followed by miracles and signs, Dr. Guti continues to minister wisdom and demonstration of the power of God worldwide. Academic credentials include BA;MA;DD;D.Min and a Ph.D in religion. He holds a Bachelor of Christian Education and a Doctorate from Northgate Graduate School and Zoe College U.S.A.

On the international arena, Dr. Guti has accepted invitations to preach and teach in several African nations, Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific countries, and the Bahamas. He has spoken in Bible schools, colleges, universities, and on Television and Radio programs.

Dr. Guti has founded Bible schools in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia, and Mozambique where he has trained over 4,000 pastors from more than 55 nations. He also founded the Forward in Faith Orphanage Center, F.I.F Children's Ministry, F.I.F College and High School Ministry, Gracious Women's Fellowship International, along with the Husband's Agape International Fellowship. He oversees over five thousand pastors and evangelists worldwide and is a great intercessor, a man of love and compassion, with a hunger to win souls to Jesus Christ.

Having authored over 80 books, Dr. Guti continues to publish life-changing titles which include: “Maturity Which Comes by Knowing the Ways of God”, “Understanding Your Angels”, “New African Apostle”, “Human Beings Cannot Change Without Pressure”, “Laws and Responsibilities of a Leader”, and many more.

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