Prophet Brian Mundopa Traces History - This Is How I Met Bishop Pride Sibiya

The first time I met my Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya was in 1998. Back then, we went to visit him at his house with my friends who are now Pastors, Reverend Tichaona Pwata and Evangelist Evidence Karuma.

We had a musical group and we spent most of our time doing music. I enjoyed creating music. I have composed songs and hope to record. My Bishop, Apostle Sibiya used to call me Brian Sibalo, the late great, gospel singer because I sang like him and he was my favourite singer.

As a Choir Master at school and at our former church, we won many competitions. As someone who liked music, I thought that I was called by God to be a musician so I spent time grooming youngsters, some are doing well in the music industry today. 

During our visit, Bishop Sibiya encouraged us to preach the word of God and said don’t just sing also have time to preach. We were touched by his words and started having some prayer groups and started to preach. We saw tremendous power of God and started to do some deliverance, while we continued to seek guidance from the servant of God. 
Prophet Brian Mundopa Traces History - This Is How I Met Bishop Pride Sibiya

At the same time, I used to visit City to City all night prayers hosted by Bishop Sibiya. I recorded videos and admired his ministry and the way he ministered, learning how to conduct deliverance and I pleaded with God to give me the same grace that he had.

Thereafter, I started to preach at school and at church and some people called me Apostle some Prophet and I then realised that God had plans for me. I had several times where I saw Bishop Apostle Sibiya appearing in my dreams motivating me and encouraging me.

Another dream in 2002 transformed my life. The same year in 2002 I had a dream where I saw my spiritual father Apostle Pride Sibiya praying for me. I saw a bright light and the five-fold ministry appearing on the walls, though I didn't understand it, I knew God was calling me.

God spoke to me in a dream in 2002 in Zimbabwe, and told me I would go out of the country and preach the gospel. I tried to resist but the burden was too much for me until I told other worshipers about my vision.

On my way to Kadoma, in 2006 I dislocated my jaws. God forewarned me in a dream that where I was going things were not right. Bishop Sibiya prayed for me and stood with me though I was not yet His Son at that time he showed me love and he sent people with yoghurts every day as I was not able to eat for four days whilst other people were laughing at me.

In 2006 I received a prophetic word from my spiritual father, Bishop, Apostle Sibiya instructing me to relocate to South Africa in order to receive my breakthrough. The same year, I headed the call, leaving for Johannesburg, after joining Glory Ministries.

After relocating Cape Town in 2007, I started preaching and doing deliverance. An intercession group, was initiated, were we ministered prophetically. Glory Ministries Cape Town became a reality in 2011. Glory Ministries Cape Town Assembly became a reality on July 8, 2012.

In 2012 Apostle Sibiya send a message to me and said that the Lord delivered me from the lunatic spirit and the same day I got that message I was meeting people that were mad and I was grieved in my spirit and prayed to God for their deliverance.

I was officially ordained as a Prophet by Bishop Sibiya in 2015. I honour my father and salute him for what I am today its all because of him. Through his fathering, I am a now a marriage counsellor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and insurance underwriter.
Prophet Brian Mundopa Traces History - This Is How I Met Bishop Pride Sibiya

About Prophet Brian Mundopa: For Glory Ministries, he is a District Pastor for Cape Town, with his wife and they are based in Capetown. We lead a vibrant church which is one of the largest growing Glory Ministries in South Africa.

The ministry is known with notable miracles with a lot of testimonies, prophetic messages with confirmations and deliverance. 


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