Celebrating The Bishop with These 10 Things I Have Learnt Apostle Pride Sibiya

Bishop Pride Sibiya is a humble man, great teacher, father, prophet and an apostle. He has all the qualities of the fivefold ministry in him. I have learnt a lot from him.

He is a prolific writer, a charismatic orator and notable teacher, and he has taught on many fronts for Jesus Christ. He began preaching at a tender age in 1995. During those days, he would preach everywhere to win souls to Christ.

Glory Ministries was later birthed in 2001, after a word from God. 

As We Celebrate His Birthday, Here Are The Ten Things That I Learned From Him:

Celebrating The Bishop with  These 10 Things I Have Learnt Apostle Pride Sibiya

1. Do not think about how much money you can get from people you lead think about how much you can help them.

2. Grow in your influence and remember that even the heroes they do cry.

3. Before you teach people to sacrifice in ministry as a leader you need to go an extra mile and sacrifice first, lead by example and others will follow you I honour my Bishop Apostle Sibiya because he is the one who lead us by example when it comes to sacrificing in ministry.

4. Respect time, honour time and run ministry professionally.

5. Acknowledge the gift of others as we are not the same.

6. If you want to be a successful person you must honour the law of concentration.

7. As a minister be yourself do not imitate someone.

8. Bishop Apostle Sibiya taught us to fast, pray and study the Bible for personal gain not only studying the Bible when you want to give a sermon what is most important is your relationship with God. He says, "before I am an Apostle I am a child of God."

9. Take everyone to the top with you that is the reason why he host Tiyambuke annual conferences meant for people to be taken to another dimension so that no one will be left out when others prosper.

10. Mega Souls is is the heartbeat of Apostle Sibiya. The greatest miracle is for people to be saved Apostle Sibiya is a true servant of God he is most concerned about depopulating hell and populating heaven. He is well known by his statement" mega Souls ndomisodzi yababa." meaning" Mega Souls is the tears of God. "

I am a Proudly Glorian!
Celebrating The Bishop with  These 10 Things I Have Learnt Apostle Pride Sibiya

About Prophet Brian Mundopa: For Glory Ministries, he is a District Pastor for Cape Town, with his wife and they are based in Capetown. We lead a vibrant church which is one of the largest growing Glory Ministries in South Africa.

The ministry is known with notable miracles with a lot of testimonies, prophetic messages with confirmations and deliverance. 

Website: www.brianmundopa.com

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