Glory Ministries Celebrates Founder's Bishopric Consecration In Style

In celebration of his recent ordination, Bishop Pride Sibiya has launched a mobile application called Bishop Pride Sibiya App, designed by DiscipleSoft.

The App will help his followers to stay connected with audio, video, devotionals, podcasts, lifehacks, books and a variety of resources from Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya.

By downloading the App on Android Playstore for free, one can watch live services from Glory Ministries and stay updated on his Video Broadcasts, Conferences, and Leadership Teachings.

Through the App, you can connect and interact with Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya anytime, anywhere. Engage with Christians on a deeper level, ignite your walk with the Lord, embolden your faith, and witness.
Glory Ministries Celebrates Founder's Bishopric Consecration In Style

Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya is a dynamic leader, visionary of Glory Ministries. Yes, you can now put all of this at your fingertips with our state-of-the-art, custom-designed app.

This app is free and gives you unlimited access to each of these prime features:

1. LifeHacks: Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya gives to the needed LifeHacks of life. They are tricks, skills that help you to increase your personal productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life. Get Daily Devotions, Articles and connect to Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya Help Centre.

2. Videos: Watch and listen to Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya from home, work, or anywhere around the globe. This gives one instant access past favourites, sermons, and reliable content to boost your journey of faith.

3. Podcast:
Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya share with you weekly podcasts from his preaching and teachings. Listen to insightful, relevant conversations between Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya and guests spanning all sections of life.

4. Live: This feature puts you “right in the sanctuary,” with Bishop. Apostle Pride Sibiya, whether you are home in your or working in the office. Set a reminder and hear the sermon in real-time.

5. Notices: Get notices from Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya and Glory Ministries. You will be able to connect with him on his global travels through his conferences, convention etc.

6. Events: Remain involved and in touch with the ministry of Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya. Stay up-to-date on his ministry itinerary. Add events to your calendar, set reminders, get directions, and share with friends in an instant!

7. Give: Through this feature, you can pay your to Tithe, give an offering, Glory Ministries with Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya and also assist with ministering the Gospel of Grace around the world.

8. Churches: Feel the heartbeat of each ministry, and explore ways to get connected to the ministry of Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya through the various Glory Ministries Churches around the world.
Glory Ministries Celebrates It's Founder's Bishopric Consecration In Style
Learn about the history, vision, mission of Glory Ministries with Apostle Pride Sibiya and more—ministry background, future goals, and other information available to enrich and edify your ministry experience in your pocket.

Invite Friends and Help Transform Lives: Share content effortlessly on your favourite social site: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and e-mail. “Go Viral” and help win souls for Christ!

Do not wait any longer. 

Download this free app today, and get your faith moving on this remarkable mobile adventure.

Download App Here - Bishop Pride Sibiya

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