Prophetess Tatianah Chiza Gives A Big Lesson To All CHRISTIAN LADIES and BROTHERS!!

Girls all over the world, Please, please just take two mins to just read this short sharing!

ALL GIRLS and LADIES out there check Dr Prophet Chiza's different photo with his one and only best-oversized khaki like trousers, the time he proposed me for marriage in the year 2000. 

This trousers was his only trousers even up to when we got married and started Ministry 2002 in the other photo he posted on his Facebook page down there, where he is wearing an oversized aeroplane winged maroon jacket. 

It took the Holy Spirit for me to say "YES!" to him for marriage. 

There was nothing then, that could show that he was going to be who he is today. All the girls in the church then knew about his one and only trousers. He was nicknamed by church sisters "Anointed but Poor Brother." 

Girls to be honest with you, when you would just see a corner of that colour of trousers appearing by the door before seeing the whole body, you would definitely know Brother Chiza has arrived. 

Girls! Ladies! Please do not look at the 3Cs, Car, Cash and Cellphone thing when considering someone for marriage. 
Prophet Blessings Chiza
Advice: Look if the brother loves God enough, whether he has a vision, is disciplined and focused in life, then be assured his God will move him from a Zero to a Hero. 

Material things are a bonus to those who seek God. Matthew 6v33 says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & all these (material) things shall be added unto you..."

Compare with now, imagine how many trousers the Prophet now has?

Girls when proposed for marriage by a Brother, take time to Pray and hear God! Do not judge the book by the cover! Do not look with the eye of the flesh but of the spirit. You might reject a future Great person wrapped in rubbles today.

The honest truth money is good, we all want to be married by a loaded guy but money is not everything in life. You can get your loaded guy who can soon load you with trouble & tears for the rest of your life.

Imagine if I had judged the now Dr Prophet B.S Chiza by what he was then and said NO?

Hope you got the lesson??

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Prophet Blessings Chiza

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