It Is Not Comfortable, But it Is Familiar and Comfortable!

- Break out of your comfort zone.
- Challenge your comfort zone.
- Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Familiar vs. Comfortable

Think of something that you want to change or improve in your life. No matter what that thing is, here is my gut feeling:

That area of life is uncomfortable as hell, but over time it has become familiar to you, which is why you haven’t fixed it by now.

Your gut that hangs over your belt is uncomfortable.

Your relationship that you have been spinning your wheels in is uncomfortable.

Your bank account that has hovered at the same (low) number for years is uncomfortable.

If you have a comfort zone, these things aren’t a part of it. They make you uncomfortable whenever they cross your mind.
It Is Not Comfortable, But it Is Familiar and Comfortable!

But they are super familiar. And since they are so familiar to you, it’s harder to change than someone might think.

We hate breaking away from the familiar. You could spend an hour telling your friend about how bad your relationship has gotten, and they will say with objective certainty:

The pleasure of what is familiar trumps the pain of how unhealthy and uncomfortable a situation makes us.
We would rather let our bank account hover around $0 than ask our boss for that raise—that we probably deserve—because there’s a chance they’ll say no.

We would rather loathe our relationship than risk being alone and taking some time to figure out what we really want.

There are plenty of things that you are familiar with that make you REALLY uncomfortable. You do not need to step outside of your comfort zone, there is nothing comfortable about the situations listed above.

You are already experiencing discomfort.
What you need is to break away from the familiar.

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