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Breaking Out Of The Familiar Zone!

Our struggle with growth is very much about the dramas we engage in trying to come out of our comfort or familiar zone. 

In fact, we would be better advised to call it our familiar zone, since these areas of habitual thinking and experience, may actually not be comfortable, but they are certainly very familiar.

Picture the familiar zone as a circle that circumscribes the known boundaries of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

This is the realm in which you experience your life.
Breaking Out Of The Familiar Zone!

Typically, when we seek to change or modify these experiences we become confined by the perimeter of that circle. Beyond it lies the desired goal, the change that we long for. But we become thwarted in getting there because of the disquiet that occurs as we approach the boundary.

It is rather like the invisible fencing that keeps dogs contained within a perimeter.
Such outward movement typically provokes fear or anxiety, given that most of us have become creatures of habit. So there is a propensity to avoid the unfamiliar.

Yet, therein lies the paradox, for the personal growth and evolution lies beyond the familiar circle.

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