Do Not Be A Makoti In The Marketplace - Exploits DNA!

After signing a 6 digit Executive Mentorship Contract with a blue-chip early this year, l had a mixed bag of emotions: excitement, anxiety and nervousness.

Excited because of the big bucks. One of my best contracts ever. Anxiety because l couldn't wait to create an impact. I wanted them to taste my recipe.

Nervous, why? Executives are the real deal. Some may be deliberately intimidating or sell a 'sophisticated' image.

My first Mentorship session with the General Manager of an SBU in the group inspired me to write this instalment about Makoti.

Makoti or the bride is usually sweet or at least wants to present herself like so. If she is new she can be exaggeratively respectful, even to dogs. She will say, "Nhaimi vaImbwa, budai panze".

Now let me come to my experience with my Mentee, a female General Manager of a diversified group.

In the middle of our mentorship session, l said a remark and l meant it;
Do Not Be A Makoti In The Marketplace - Exploits DNA!

"The marketplace does not have a position of Makoti. Noone is ever going to be remembered for being polite at the marketplace. Put off this veil because the position doesn't exist and you are not impressing anyone".

She gave me a frightened look. She made a sigh of relief and she smiled. "Why Coach CRM?" she inquired. I repeated myself, this time with a gentle bang on the table.

I had the following reasons emanating from my observations at this session.

1. As l greeted her, l was hoping to exchange business cards. I handed her mine and this is what she said; "Very sorry Coach CRM, maBusiness cards angu akapera last year". In my mind l said "Wow".

2. "My name is Benhilda" (real name withheld). I thought she would proceed to tell me her Surname, portfolio, etc. I had to excavate for this information. I wondered how she would do top-level engagements with her conservative approach. The Makoti of the marketplace.

3. During the course of the engagement, she says, "You see Mr Machimbira, l am an introvert. I don't like talking to people". In my heart l said, 'l hear you dude but management is getting things done through others. Business is providing services to others. Being a wife is giving attention to someone. Being a mother is taking care of others."

WHAT'S MY PROBLEM? The people that want to be successful are too polite for success. They are like the Makotis of the Marketplace.
The world does not owe anyone anything. In life, you don't get what you deserve. You get what you fight for. You fight to create a lasting impression. You fight for clients' a share of the mind. You fight to position yourself in the marketplace. This does not require a Makoti way of doing things.

Every engagement you do, every email you write, every business pitch you do, leave a lasting impression.

May l challenge somebody today and l reiterates;

"The marketplace does not have a position for Makoti. No one is ever going to be remembered for being polite in the marketplace. Put off that veil because that position does not exist and you are not impressing anyone".

This passage is an extract from the book, EXPLOITS DNA, authored by Request Machimbira, a multi Award-Winning Leadership & Business Coach.

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