Commit To Act On Your Passion - The Winning Revolution!

History is made where commitment meets passion. I have always seen “Compassion” as a compound word (thus a word formed by combining two distinct words). 

These words are Commitment and Passion and it is at their confluence that gallants are born.

As the great Jewish sage walked to where his friend was laid, he saw some women of his tribe grieving and wailing perhaps on the sidewalk. At this sombre sight, the Christian canon asserts that he was greatly compassionate to the extent that he groaned in His spirit.

“Where have you laid him?” He quizzed, pulling-up his brow such that it popped visible strands of fine wrinkles meandering across his forehead. “Come and see”, they responded sheepishly, quivering in the nervousness of four days of weeping. At that moment the din of compassion thudded inside him, rifting the sash of his loving and caring heart. The scene that followed says; “Jesus wept.”

As soon as they obeyed his command to roll away the stone from the mouth of the tomb in the 39th verse of the11th chapter of St. John’s Gospel, Jesus Christ whooped; “Lazarus, come forth!”
Commit To Act On Your Passion - The Winning Revolution!
Some seconds later they saw the man pushing sideways, wiggling through the narrow corridor of his tomb with his body wrapped in burial napkins. A miracle had been birthed. At this juncture, Jesus made history by wedding Commitment and Passion to produce Compassion.

The commitment he had towards his friend combined with a passion to bring him back to life ignited the miraculous. Nothing hinders a compassionate person from progressing or achieving.

Commitment is nothing until proven. It’s not seen or rewarded at the beginning of the journey but at the end of it. We can only taste the fruits of commitment after we endure hardship. On the other hand, Passion is the strong natural love we have towards a particular defined cause. We have to carry it along in our hearts, as we are processed by adversity if we are to be conferred with the badges of gallantry.

Liberty Kingsdale - (Extract from my forthcoming book: The Winning Revolution)

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