“Are You All In?” Acts 5:1-10

Do not underestimate the cost of greatness! It is possible to be better at the chase than you are at the catch. 

How can you bridge the gap between what you see in your spirit and what you see in your life?

Be cautious of anything that robs you of being who God called you to be. God’s purpose was not for us to have ALL things in common. His desire was for us to be diverse with one thing in common, HIM. Your quest for a community cannot be allowed to destroy your individuality.

God has a stimulus package for you - if you put Him first, He will put you first (Matthew 6:33). Stop giving God what is left and start giving Him what is right. God blesses people He can trust.

Do not see that which you have like a harvest, see it as a test. You are in a fight, and you cannot win if you are not ALL IN. The only reason you are not winning is that you keep giving half of yourself at what you are doing. You cannot reap MY harvest with YOUR investment!
Your harvest will look like your seed, you will reap what you sow. Stop looking for a discount on your destiny! It costs and you’re either all in or you’re all out. It costs everything to do the thing God has called you to do.

You are so close to your blessing - if you throw your whole self at it, something is going to happen.

You cannot have success without sacrifice!
“Are You All In?” Acts 5:1-10

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