Tiyambuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It To Influence Culture

May-Lynn Chang is the marketing director for Walden Media who was tasked with the specific assignment to promote the 2007 movie release, Amazing Grace, a movie about the life of William Wilberforce.

Walden Media was birthed in 2001 when three individuals came to together-Philip Anschutz, Cary Garnat and Michael Flaherty--to form Walden Media. The company is owned by Philip Anschutz, an oil magnate, media mogul, the owner of the Regal Entertainment Group -- the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world (it operates nearly 20 percent of all indoor screens in the US) -- and a growing force in Hollywood.
Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture
Anschutz is a professing Christian and was seeking to change Hollywood by putting more wholesome movies in his theatres. However, he quickly realized he could not change content that way and decided he needed to be in the production business.

Thus, Walden Media was birthed.

May-Lynn desperately wanted to be a lawyer when she graduated from college. Upon graduation, May-Lynn prepared to take the bar exam.

She studied hard but failed her first time, which she says is not unusual (70% usually fail their first time). The second time she worked with a tutor, while working during the day at Wells Fargo and studied at night and weekends.

However, she failed a second time.

Devastated by this, she began to question whether she was called to be a lawyer. She studied a third time, and even went to China, thinking maybe she was called to be a missionary to serve the poor. (In the back of her mind she was thinking God would find these things pleasing and might let her pass the exam).

Others did not feel she was called to missions. She tried yet a third time to pass the exam. Again, she failed a third time. Then things get progressively worse in her life. She got laid off by Wells Fargo and had to move back to her parent's home in Sacramento. She decided to devote even time to studying for the bar exam.

She studied 60 hours a week for one year. Amazingly, she failed a fourth time.

She wept for three days.

This failure caused her to waver with God and she felt abandoned by Him. Other situations in her life were falling apart from her parent's marital challenges to her sister having medical problems. She ended up working at a floral shop after getting rejected by Starbucks three times, which she saw as the ultimate rejection. She was now at the bottom financially. She could not understand what God was doing in her life.
She cried out daily to God as she despaired about her life.

As time passed, an opportunity opened up for May-Lynn that led her to her role at Walden Media. Today May-Lynn marvels how God has uniquely prepared her to use her gifts and talents in her role as Marketing Director at Walden Media. She is amazed at how God is using film to bring heads of state and government leaders together who would ordinarily not meet together. However, the message of a film like Amazing Grace crosses political boundaries and speaks to the human condition and a history that cannot be ignored.

Now, years later, she recalls her days cutting flowers in Sacramento. She would never have believed that in a few short years from that time she would be standing before heads of state and impacting nations through film as an ambassador for Christ.

However, over the years May-Lynn has learned that God can use nothing and nobody's to tell everybody's about somebody's that can save anybody's."If God can use the weak to shame the strong and the weak to fool the wise,

He can use us. He already has the story. He wants to use us."

We have taken May-Lynn's story to motivate and encourage our reader that 2019 God will use Tiyambuke to redirect our destiny!
Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture

Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture

Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture

Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture

Tiyamuke 2019 Aims To Reclaim Media and Use It Influence Culture

Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2019 – a Glory Ministries (www.glorymin.net) conference draws its origins from the bible. The world-renowned gathering will commence on the 26th to the 31st of August 2019.

Bishop, Apostle Pride Sibiya (www.pridesibiya.com) - Tiyambuke 2019 founder and visionary, will lead this year's conference at the Glory Ministries, Bethel Worship Centre in Chitungwiza, Greater Harare.

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