5 Lessons I Have Learned From My Father Bishop Tudor Bismark.

There are countless things that I have learnt from my Spiritual Dad Bishop Tudor Bismark that have transformed not only the way I view ministry but life as a whole. 

I am one of the many privileged to have a Dad who leads from the front and exhibit so may signs of servant leadership. Needless to say, my Dad has become my personal role model.

Despite so many accomplishments attached to his ministry and life, my Dad has not lost his sincerity and dedication to his call. He has stayed true and on the course allowing not only myself but so many of us who look up to him to emulate the pace he has set and target even bigger accomplishments for the Kingdom at large.

I could write a book about the life principles I have learnt from my Dad but in this article I will only list five and I hope many will also be blessed and learn from this veteran general of Faith who has become one of the major Kingdom voices around the world and a mentor, teacher, coach, role model and spiritual Father to many.

Written By Pastor Lauda. L. Vongai Ndamuka

The list is not in order of importance but meant to minister to many at various levels in life and spiritual walk.

1. GENERATIONAL THINKING: One of the life principles I have learnt from my Dad is to be able to think beyond myself. As I started off in my youth, I was always tempted to believe all life revolved around me. I would, therefore, take myself too seriously to the point of losing balance.

Through my father's teaching though, I learnt that life is more than me. I learnt to look at the bigger picture each time I was faced with key life decision making moments. Where my mind would usually revolve around my personal world, I now saw value in considering my children, born and unborn. I now could consider those around me. I learnt that my decisions whether sound or unsound had a direct or indirect influence on the people I lead including generations unborn to time.

With this generational thinkers life perspective, I also learnt that responsible life leaders build for generations unborn to time, they save wealth for their children and grandchildren (Proverbs 13 vs. 22).

It is also so apparent that all key Bible characters were worried about successors in their lives and how their hard-earned names would be maintained and carried on after their departure to be with the Lord. Talk of Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Abraham and his sons, Israel and his sons, Paul and Timothy and also Christ and His disciples, the list is endless. The question of effective succession was always key to all these bible characters and more.

I learnt from my Dad, Bishop Tudor Bismark that I had to take seriously how I start and how I run because it affects the way I will pass on the button. With that lesson, I had to begin to think generationally knowing that whether in ministry, in life or in anything that I am doing, there are some people watching and someone will naturally learn from my actions and carry over my legacy with or without my permission and whether my actions were good or bad. Whatever I do in this generation will multiply itself in the next generation and even more in generations unborn to time. That implies I have to be diligent in how I execute my duties and how I live daily.

Should there be no one intentionally observing me as I live my life, Bishop Tudor Bismark taught me that I have to intentionally create generations of learners around me, with it applying the principle of 3D leadership, a minimum of two more people that can duplicate what I do and are readily available to take over should I get promoted or I move over for various reasons. A generational thinker does not build a whole empire around themselves.

Generational thinkers always consider the world around them and the people behind them. Generational thinkers always live for impact and are team players. I could go on and on stating the things I learnt from my Dad in this regard.

I encourage all to choose to transform the world and saturate it with generational thinkers, more so to choose to become one. Are you one?
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At New Life Covenant Church

2. INTEGRITY: The other principle I learnt from my Dad is the principle of INTEGRITY. Integrity is defined as a firm adherence to a code of moral values which is incorruptibility, an unimpaired condition, which is soundness and the quality of being undivided which is completeness. Integrity encompasses an admirable character, decency, goodness, honesty, rectitude and virtuousness. 

Integrity means one is presented without spot or wrinkle as asserted in Ephesians 5 vs. 27. My Dad taught me that in life one needs to sow seeds of being fair and honest in all their dealings. One has to avoid at all costs criminal or unethical behaviour. Integrity also encompasses abiding by one's country and church laws. Integrity means settling debts, paying bills, fulfilling obligations and respecting time.

Integrity means also being trustworthy with resources, roles, duties and even life. It means accountability, truthfulness, openness and faithfulness. Also serving without guile or ulterior motives.

3. FULFIL YOUR VOWS: The other thing I also learnt from my Dad is the importance of fulfilling VOWS. A vow is a serious promise to do something or behave in a certain way. It is a solemn promise or assertion that binds a person to act, service or condition. (Genesis 28 vs. 20). Vows vary from marriage vows, business vows and the list can go on. 

Other scriptures that refer to vows in the word of God include Ecclesiastes 5 vs. 4, Deuteronomy 23 vs. 23, Job 22 vs. 27 and the list can go on. The summary of it though is that once one gives a word, God expects one to keep that word and full fill it. When one gives their word, they are obligated to full fill it.(Matthew 12:36). Not paying one's vows unleashes difficulties, misfortunes and calamities that would be avoided if one would have fulfilled their promises (Ecclesiastes 5:6). The blessing of God, peace and restoration comes as one fulfils their vows.

4. SPIRIT OF HONOR: The other thing I learnt from my Dad is the SPIRIT OF HONOR. My Dad says that The greatest seed that can be down is the seed of Honor. Romans 13 vs. 1 - 61, Matthew 13 vs. 54. - 58). 

Honour involves a showing of merited respect and recognition to seniors. One can show honour by substance or using words. Honour is seen in preferring one another. The honour comes to those who work good and Honor can lengthen one's days according to the Bible.

There are several levels of Honor that we could give, and they include Honoring God (1 Samuel 2:30, Dan 11:38), Honoring parents (Exodus 20:12), Honoring the Prophet or our pastors or spiritual covering(Mark 6:4), Honoring the elderly (Leviticus 19:32), Honoring one's gift and anointing (Psalm 8:4-6) and the list can go on.

5. OBSERVING BOUNDARIES: Then I also learnt from my Dad the principle of OBSERVING BOUNDARIES. These are parameters in life or ministry that should be respected. It also refers to social etiquette and protocols that must be followed to maintain Order and Structure. 

I learnt that people that are senior in rank to me in church or in life are not my friends and I should not reduce and convert them to become my friends even if they create a free atmosphere and bring themselves down to reach out to me. Maintaining the boundary of respect will put me in the best position to benefit from their anointing and grace upon their lives. 

Unnecessary joking and jesting have to be avoided despite how open and humble a leader above us is.

Written By Pastor Lauda. L. Vongai Ndamuka: Pastor Lauda. L. Vongai Ndamuka Is A Seasoned Teacher Of The Word Of God With A Notable Apostolic And Prophetic Anointing Upon Her Life. She can be found on pastorlauda.blogspot.com

About Bishop Tudor Bismark

Bishop Tudor Bismark is an apostolic voice to the nations. Since 1989, he has been serving as an apostolic father and mentor to ministries all over the world. 

He and his wife, Pastor Chichi Bismark, serve as the senior pastors of New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, the headquarters church for Jabula – New Life Ministries International. Bishop Bismark also serves as the Chairman of the Council of African Apostles, a wholly African initiative to bring the apostolic voices of the African church to bear on uniquely African issues.

Bishop Bismark has a passion to see people empowered and awakened to their God-ordained destiny and has purposed to help facilitate networks of Kingdom-minded believers raised in his lifetime. Bishop Bismark’s message is simply the empowerment of believers and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth as a tangible reality.

Bishop Bismark is a well sought after speaker and leadership expert, and truly carries the mantle of an Apostolic father who carries a current and relevant word of concerning God and His Kingdom.
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church
Bishop Tudor Bismark Preaches At Eastview New Life Covenant Church

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