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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Unlocking The God-given Seed Of Dominion!

When God created man, He blessed him and said be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:27-28). 

This means that man comes with the potential to multiply, to expand, to increase and to reproduce. By virtue of being a human being, you carry a seed that is supposed to flourish into something beautiful. 

From a young age, God puts something in your heart and that is how you conceive. 

You begin to dream about that future, you have visions of it and you spend your time thinking about it. Somewhere along the line, that dream begins to die down and you give up on it. 

When you finally hear the Gospel and ask Jesus to walk with you, He agrees so that your seed may grow and flourish. 

In this season, God is reviving that dream because it has to manifest physically. 
Unlocking The God-given Seed Of Dominion!
You have to expand and multiply because it is your God-given characteristic. God is not surprised that you have come across this message; it has been part of His plan from the beginning. Allow Him to revive your dream.

At some point in life, we all had situations that we could not solve. 

We tried different solutions, but they did not work. We were on the point of death when we heard that Jesus was in the area and He could solve any problem. 

We heard that Jesus can heal, deliver and give life; we needed life because we were dying, and we called onto Him for help. 

We said to the Lord if He could just walk with us, everything from our businesses to our households and our health would be revived. 

We called to Him and He did not refuse; hence, today we walk with Him. 

He never leaves us and never forsakes us. He is always there whether we are asleep or walking on the streets. Now that I know of the power of Jesus, I do not ever want to walk alone, I always want His guidance. I cannot make it on my own; I do not have a solution to life’s problems. 

I need Jesus just as Jairus, being the ruler of a synagogue; he still needed Him. 

Brethren, for miracles to happen, you need the Lord. 
For those parts of your life that are dying, you need Jesus!

In the digital age, media is one of the most effective tools globally to introduce people to Jesus Christ.
That is why it is essential to develop a network of support and training through media for mission causes.




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