Dear Sisters - Dating Married Men Is Highway To Your Doom!

Most married, especially those in high places and those who are business moguls, belong to one sect or the other, where they must fulfill certain conditions to remain financially tall.

Do you know that most of us who sleep with them are their sources of power and income?

How many of us out there who were or are specialized in dating married men have a happy life after? 10 out of 100 000.

Most of us who dated married men, do not have children for the husbands we are married to because those men took away all our children while they slept with us.

We were excited about the huge envelops they gave us, but those envelopes were actually to sell our children they took from our wombs while sleeping with us.

Most of them prepare themselves to fulfil the obligations in their cult houses before they come to meet us. While we are foolishly and naively enjoying their presence and everything that came along with dating them, they were busy, mystically removing everything valuable that God had put in us through sex.

Many of us end up in destitution after dating married men. Nothing work for us and the world says it is karma or the tears of the women we slept with their husbands. Hell NO, and maybe YES.
Dear Sisters - Dating Married Men Is Highway To Your Doom!
Those occultists people see far beyond you and me. Some of us are born with potentials that they need. When they see that you have a bright star to become a relevant person in future, they will lure you with money, sleep with you, extract your God given blessings and gifts and render you useless, so that tomorrow, when life starts playing you foul, people will say it is because you were sleeping with married men, and their women prayed, and their tears are affecting you.

Any woman whose husband is cheating on her, and who is a genuine Christian, should pray that God transforms her husband and bring him back, and bless the lady he is sleeping with, with her own husband, otherwise she will spend her entire life cursing all the guys around!!

Now, in case that prayer and tears that God should punish whoever is stealing your man works, and the lives of many girls start going wrong, and they too decide to seek God, and the pray Psalms 35 'Fight those who fight against me Lord', and the Most Merciful God turn the arrow back at you, imagine the destruction God's arrow will do to your husband.

Well, that is for sisters who think their husbands can go out there and use innocent girls, and instead of praying for the man, you use your tears to curse the poor girl.

Most of these married men love Oral Sex!

What do you think a man will use his mouth to do in your vagina?

What is he sucking out?

He is sucking away your star, your luck and your life so that he empties you and you become a nobody, while he prospers and grows, and you become a nobody ...!

Please, sisters, that's what I am telling you is very important, and you can open your eyes and change direction before it is too late.

Some married women know their husbands are occultists. They are comfortable living with them, and encouraging to go out there and practice their witchcraft on money minded girls like us, so that their position in the society remains forever high.

These men will have their children and protect their wives, but they will destroy our lives. Notice how many of those rich people have abnormal children? They are so heartless that at times their sect acts them to destroy their own children.

Ever since the world started spotting them by their abnormal children, they changed plans and start destroying but other peoples' children especially girls, through sex.

Most girls who have dated top society men, end up barren, useless, or unmarried, and only those who are lucky to encounter Christ, and hold unto Him, are often spared the dooms most of us end up in.
I once published a story of how an occultist man I personally know, used his wife's used menstrual towels monthly to get promotions at work, and when the woman started praying, he could not do it again, and his powers and fame began falling. He was asked in the occult house to look for a virgin girl and date.

Unfortunately, the girl he thought was a virgin was not, so he roamed the streets mad and went to Prophet TB. Joshua. When he came back he confessed. I will republish that story today!!

Now tell me, why in the world, will a married man wants to sleep with you during your period?? You call that love? No No, No. It is an occultic act.

Why do most of us die today young today? Why do we end up not having children, even after we are blessed with good husbands?

Some of us may just be the reason why ever since we got married, our husbands' lives have been destroyed.

Some of us even marry the best men in the end and refuse to tell them the dirty things we did in ignorance. Most men who are moved by true love, forgive the woman, even when she confesses that she slept with a dog in her youthful exorbitance,

Others are laughing that it is because this author is frustrated that is why she is discouraging from enjoying our youthfulness. No people, this author writing to you, might have gone through hell on earth, but trust me, she is a selfless woman, with a heart of gold, who has made big men and women in the society today. They are many here, who can testify.

She might be batting with her own issues in life, but she is not frustrated or desperate. This author isn't the only person who has slept with married men. Most of you are guilty of that, and even after seeing the consequences encourage younger ones to continue from where you stopped.

Ladies say No to married men, they are the biggest agents the devil use to destroy our today and tomorrow - Say NO TO DATING MARRIED MEN!!

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