TOO ALL GOOD LADIES - Oudney says Beware Of LAZY MEN!

Ladies, let me advise you, if you think you’re stuck in a relationship with a LAZY man who doesn’t love you, then you should go find someone better. 

You don’t deserve to endure the hardships of a dysfunctional relationship. Stop getting yourself worked up over a lazy Man that doesn't want you, the problem is not with you my sister. 

Some men don't just want a good woman.

Ladies let me advise you Stop using "I love him" as an excuse to put up with his nonsense. If the man isn't treating you right, and you are not married to him, then Woman Up, and leave that sucker before its too late. I can attest to you; there are too many women stuck in miserable marriages because they failed to Woman Up and cut it off while the relationship was still at the dating phase.

Ladies I keep on telling you this that Being thirsty, putting on half Naked DRESS or being desperate for love or marriage will make you an easy target for men who just want to sleep with you. Start doing something and add value to yourself so that you assist a serious man. Giving him Sex from morning till daybreak will not keep him.
TOO ALL GOOD LADIES - Oudney says Beware Of LAZY MEN!
The truth is this - How fast he progresses in life as a man depends on the type of woman that you choose to become. 

A good woman is an INVESTMENT, a bad woman is a BILL.

Finally, MEN be warned, Most downfalls of men are caused by multiple girlfriends. Sex is a spiritual encounter, not every girl has a good spirit. be careful. Don’t be a cheating man. You’re losing life. You think you are playing the game and winning, but you are actually losing. You can get over on some women but you can’t fool your Creator. You will reap what you sow, so you better start trying to grow. 
Juggling women doesn’t make you a man - Being honest, loyal and faithful to ONLY ONE DOES!

Ladies,if you know that you are mature enough for marriage, My Special prayer for you this year is that Every wall of Jericho standing between you and your marital breakthrough is destroyed by fire now in the name of Jesus, Amen and Every satanic voice speaking negatively against your settling down in marriage is silenced in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Every evil veil blocking your God-ordained partner and you from noticing and attracting each other is burnt to ashes in Jesus Name Amen. 

Shout Amen and heaven will open for you.

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