Dating With Purpose - Why Are We In A Relationship?

I have seen people loose out on the love of their life because of financial constraints, I have heard ladies leave the guy they love because he is not financially alright, I have seen lovers who end up broken because the male is still in the building process and have not really been financially stable yet.

I see lovers who dated themselves for 8years end up not being together because later on, the girl finishes school and the pressure is on her to marry but the guy is yet to have a source of income and build.

Relationships with this kind of challenge need insight because some ladies dated some guys and left them because a suitor came. Then I begin to ask, why are we then in a relationship.
Dating With Purpose -  Why Are We In A Relationship?
The problem is that both couples did not plan the relationship.

Purposeful dating involves dating with a purpose. It is practically building your relationship to lead to marriage.
There is an effort being made by both parties to make themselves ready for marriage ... It is not about how many years you have dated. There are some relationships that will take time before marriage will surface especially when both partners have individual goals to achieve, e.g school, etc.

When you have a partner that really loves you and desires a relationship with you, they should be willing to adjust, sacrifice and committed to making the relationship work, not the one that you will be dating her and she will be welcoming another suitor in marriage.

Sometimes patience is needed for the actualization of the plan to be married to the one that you are dating ... That is if there is a plan.

When you finish your university, the next thing to do is not marriage, it is having a source of income.
Don't allow those pressures to overwhelm you. You don't want to go to your husband's house with no source of income.

You don't want to be planning a wedding and leaving the full expense for the man to afford.
It is our wedding not him adopting you.

Once you start dating someone, you are quite certain that the person you are in a relationship with is someone that you can marry, it becomes more certain when you are courting, but couples that really want to be together should make efforts to see that they are married.

To build your relationship to lead to marriage is for both parties to plan themselves to be fit for marriage. Couples take out time to work on their finance, work on your character, build a bond of trust, improve relationship insight by attending seminars.

Every moment, there is a strategic movement outlined to be executed so as to reach the desired height.

If you take out four years building your relationship, you could be ready after then.

Don't just date, Date with a purpose.

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