• People Are Turning To Google For Answers

    When was the last time you had a question and typed it into the Google search bar? From questions about how to roast a chicken, to whether God is real, people turn to Google for answers. 

    The answers do not magically appear, however – someone must writes the information and post it online. With an online ministry, you are able to build a library of information and thus provide answers to certain issues people face.
    People Are Turning To Google For Answers
    If your church’s online ministry focuses on drug addiction, challenges in marriage, or raising a child with a disability, when someone goes online searching for answers related to those topics, your ministry’s content could bring hope and healing.
    If people are googling, we should be there to answer when they ask.

    God has given us access to a powerful tool (the internet). By using it the right way and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your church can play its part in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our newsletters, blogs, and podcast provide information to help your church start an online ministry.

    If you have one going, using best practices can improve effectiveness.


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