Apply and Stick To These Basic Universal Laws Of Marriage

Over the years, I have heard married as well as single people say that there are no uniform principles for a successful marriage. 

Fine, no two marriages are exactly the same, however, there are basic universal laws that marriage no matter the race and origin of the spouses MUST NEVER ignore or neglect. Ignorance of and lack of application of these laws are usually the cause of marital crises in most, if not all homes. 

Today I am glad to inform or remind you of those simple but powerful marriage laws that work wonders in a marriage. Now let's look at them briefly:

1. The law of genuine and unconditional love: Love between the two spouses MUST be genuine, seamless and unconditional. If you can't truly love your spouse with all your heart, who then would you love? Is it your parents or siblings?

2. The law of caring: 
One way true love is demonstrated is through care. Marriage is a place of care. If you truly love, you MUST CARE.

3. The law of friendship: Marriage is a place where both spouses are best friends. So no enmity in marriage.

4. The law of effective communication: One factor that helps in keeping marriage sizzling is effective communication. Spouses MUST communicate. They should freely express themselves without any fear of rebuke, judgment or condemnation. If you're the overly serious type please loosen up with your spouse and have fun.

5. The law of partnership: In marriage, the spouses are partners in progress so that they can fulfil their marital destiny as well as their personal destinies.

6. The law of mutual respect: A healthy marriage is one where both spouses have respect for each other.

7. The law of mutual sacrifice: There is no successful marriage where both spouses are not making sacrifices for each other from time to time. A happy marriage is where both spouses are selfless and not selfish.

8. The law of mutual untiring commitment to the marital vows: No one spouse on this planet, no matter how powerful, nice and loving they are has the capacity to make a marriage work all alone. The other partner MUST be actively involved in their marital journey otherwise success won't come. Please note that the commitment to marital vows is an untiring and lifetime one. Divorce isn't part of the deal.

9. The law of mutual understanding: One great component of marriage is mutual understanding. You must understand your spouse in order to really know who they're.

10. The law of personal integrity: For a marriage to work out, individual spouses MUST be people of integrity, so no dishonesty in marriage. Please be REAL.

11. The law of mutual transparency: Since both spouses are best friends and partners in progress, there shouldn't be secrets. The marriage MUST be transparent.

12. The law of mutual trust: Marriage is an institution of trust. Both spouses entrust their lives and love each other. It's an ABOMINATION for any spouse to CHEAT on the other partner. In fact, it's a SIN against God and CRIME against your spouse.

13. The law of total independence from family:
When someone gets married, they should lead their marital life independently from their family. Being married and letting family members interfere in your marriage is anti-marriage.
Apply and Stick To These Basic Universal Laws Of Marriage
Apply and Stick To These Basic Universal Laws Of Marriage
14. The law of mutual support: In marriage, both spouses MUST support each other dreams or life pursuits.

15. The law of mutual sexual satisfaction: With the exception of nymphs, every spouse must satisfy their partner. True love-making is where both spouses are enjoying the sexual experience and not a one-man show.

16. The law of mutual conflict resolution skills: Since human beings are imperfect, sometimes mistakes happen. A successful marriage is where both spouses know how to resolve their issues amicably and most importantly, have the heart to forgive and forget.

Even though every marriage is unique, however, you will NEVER see a happy, blissful and successful marriage where all these basic universal laws are not at work. Dear friends, it is high time your marriage started working. It's high time you truly experienced marital bliss. As you apply and stick to these basic marital universal laws wholeheartedly, joyfully and with the determination to succeed in it, your marriage shall improve for the better in Jesus mighty name!

So welcome to the world of happily married people!

Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing.

See you at the top!

Your friend, Coach Joshua

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