A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya

NB: The following is not an exhaustive narration of Glory Ministries history but a concise history of Glory Ministries’ early days as recounted by Minister Vengayi Zano who joined the ministry in October 2002.

Glory Ministries was established as an evangelistic organization in February 2001 by Apostle Pride Sibiya with its first church service, as Glory Tabernacles church, held on Wednesday 27 February 2002 and was attended by one person - Apostle Pride Sibiya.

The first Sunday service was held on 3 March 2002. Apostle Sibiya got converted in 1987 at a gospel crusade held at Rufaro stadium by German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. It was an experience while travelling in a Tenda bus to Harare from Mutare in 1995 where the voice of God spoke to him saying “Sibiya unofanira kundinamata” which became a Damascene experience for him propelling him to begin preaching about the end times in classrooms, hospitals, and open spaces and in buses.

Apostle Sibiya says, “What initially moved me to give my whole life to ministering is the appearance of Jesus to me in a night vision on the seventh of February 1997 where Jesus told me that ''‘I want you to do what I did.’'' “After a short experience of what hell was like in a vision and God’s subsequent charge that “Dawn has come, call my people, Glory Ministries was started’’.

The name Glory Ministries was derived from a prophetic word given to Apostle Sibiya in 1997, “You shall no longer be called Pride but you are Kabod.” Kabod is a Hebrew term for Glory. Glory Ministries opened its doors to the public initially at Timber villa located at corner Manda Street and Tilcor road in Zengeza 3 before moving to Gogo Sibiya’s (mother to Apostle Sibiya) residence at 13 Choto in Zengeza3 Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.
A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya
A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya
The first member was Shiloh Masenyama, now the International Overseer, followed by his young brother Johannes Masenyama, now Overseer for Domboshava Province. Other early members, commonly called The First Pillars include Evangelist Albert Njagu (now Odzi Pastor in Odzi Mutare in the eastern part of Zimbabwe), Evangelist Elrichard Denhere (now Krugersdorp Pastor in South Africa), Minister Vengayi Zano (now Strategic Minister), Evangelist Archibolt Makumbi (now District Pastor of Chakari near the town of Chegutu in Zimbabwe) and Pastor Gilbert Makore (District Pastor of Gauteng district in South Africa).

Services were held on Sundays between 0900 and1200 hours and though flexible, mainly consisted of a morning prayer between 0900 and 0930 hours, Praise and Worship between 0930 to 1015, items and testimonies between 1015 to 1045, announcements and offerings between 1045 and 1100, preaching of the Word between 1100 and 1200.

Evening intercessions were held between 1600 and1800hours. Mid-week services were held every Wednesday between1830 and 2000hours with Bible Studies every Friday between 1830 and 2000hours.

Saturdays were reserved for visitations.

The first contact details for Glory Ministries was a postal address, Box A391 Avondale in Harare followed in later years by box 34, Seke Chitungwiza.

First contact telephone numbers were 070-30162 and cell number 023 518 722, the former belonging to Gogo Sibiya while the latter was owned by Apostle Sibiya.

In April 2004 Glory Ministries held one of its first gatherings to resemble a conference with the theme “A thousand times more “derived from Deuteronomy 1:11. Held at UCCZ Church in Chiwenga Street Zengeza 3 from 19 to 25 April the event, hosted by Apostle Sibiya was graced by speakers who included Apostle Chisango, Bishop Kandemiri, Apostle Jaka and Apostle Mapiko.
A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya

Posters to advertise the event were done on a black and white A4 bond paper with instruments notably two speakers,3 microphones and a keyboard been hired from Pastor Sunguro and ferried in a wheelbarrow from Gatsi Road in Zengeza3.

In January 2005 Glory Ministries attempted its first expansion strategy by sending Evangelist Njagu to plant a church in Bulawayo. Although the initiative failed to be sustainable it laid the seed for the future sprouting of Glory Ministries. To train ministers, Glory Ministries established a Bible School on 02 August 2005 with lessons being done at the then lodgings of the International Overseer at 14 Gobvu Road in Zengeza 3. Subjects included Introduction to the Old Testament and Charismata, taught by then Elder (now Minister) Vengayi Zano, Leadership, African Traditional Religions and Introduction to the New Testament by Apostle Sibiya.

The pioneering students included Michael Zvimba (now SG OF Glory Ministries), the late Elder Antonneta Kutama among few others.

On the leadership structure, the predecessor to the International Church Council was an Executive board comprising Apostle Sibiya as Chairperson, Apostle Shiloh Masenyama as the Vice-Chairperson, Minister Vengayi Zano as secretary and Evangelist Albert Njagu as treasurer.

Popular messages by Apostle Sibiya during the early days included:
- Jesus is Lord,
- Our king is coming,
- The Lame shall take the spoil,
- Joseph had a dream,
- My sleeping master,
- Takadanirwa basa,
- Wedding of the lamb,
- Jabez and
- Mukwasha chimboteramai ... which were available for sale in audio cassette format with a few of them appearing as videos on videotapes.

Apostle Pride Sibiya Social:
1. Facebook - www.facebook.com/ApostleP.Sibiya
2. Twitter - www.twitter.com/apostlepsibiya
3. Apostle Pride Sibiya (Website) - www.pridesibiya.com

Glory Ministries Social:
1. Facebook - www.facebook.com/gloryministriesonline
2. Twitter - www.twitter.com/gloryminonline
3. Glory Ministries (Website) - www.glorymin.net
4. Glory Churches (Website) - churches.glorymin.net

Compiled by Minister Vengayi Zano 
A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya
A Brief History Of Glory Ministries with Apostle P. Sibiya

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