Check These 8 Reasons Why Men Break Up With Women Before and After Marriage!

The end of a relationship can feel like the end of the world especially when the woman truly loved the man. It really hurts when someone you truly love and would never leave decides to end the relationship.

Many men are never really honest about their reasons for ending a relationship and this leaves most women wondering what they did wrong that made him leave.

Why do men break up with women even when it’s obvious she truly loves him? Here are reasons why men break up with women:

1. HE NEVER LOVED YOU: He might have been in a relationship with you out of convenience until he meets the woman he truly wants to be with. This is shocking but it’s the sad truth. Some men aren’t willing to be single and wait for the woman they really want but instead get into a relationship with another woman while waiting for the woman of their dreams. A man who dates a woman out of convenience tends to end the relationship out of nowhere when he meets the woman he truly wants.

2. YOU TRIED TO FIX HIM: A man might end a relationship when the woman he is dating tries making him into what he is not. A man can change for a woman but he needs to do it out of self-interest and not because he is being pressured to change. Trying to fix him can cause resentment.

3. HE NEVER FELT APPRECIATED: Another common reason why men leave the woman in their life is that they feel that they are not being appreciated by her. Every man wants to feel appreciated even for the little things or for the things you feel are his responsibilities. When you don’t appreciate the things he does for you, he would look for someone who appreciates even his small gestures.
Check These 8 Reasons Why Men Break Up With Women Before and After Marriage!
4. HE DIDN’T SEE A FUTURE WITH YOU: A man can end a relationship if he doesn’t see himself marrying you. There might be certain things about you or your relationship with him that he feels he can’t endure for the rest of his life. If he feels there are certain issues in your relationship that can’t be fixed or tolerated, he might decide to end the relationship.

5. NO FULFILLMENT IN THE BEDROOM: Dissatisfaction in the bedroom may make a man break up with a woman. Dissatisfaction in the bedroom can be caused by an incompatibility in the bedroom or frequent denial by one partner. When there is no compatibility in the bedroom, it can develop a crack in the relationship which could lead to the end of a relationship. Frequent denial can push a man to another woman, thereby ending the relationship.

6. YOU MADE HIM FEEL INADEQUATE: Constantly comparing your man to another man can make him feel inadequate and push him to end the relationship. Every woman obviously wants the best for her man but constants comparisons can put him under pressure and make him leave the relationship. The pressure of not satisfying the needs of the woman in his life can push a man to end a relationship.

7. YOU AREN’T WHO HE THOUGHT YOU ARE: Sometimes we present ourselves as persons that we aren’t to a new date and that is wrong. It’s always important we present our true self to a potential partner. A man may break up with a woman because he had certain expectations or beliefs about who the woman is but later found out you aren’t really who he thought you are.

8. LOSS OF ATTRACTION: Loss of attraction is another reason why men leave the woman they are dating. Men love it when the woman they are dating is making an effort to be beautiful for him. Sometimes, women neglect themselves when they get into a relationship and this can push a man away.

Source - Joshua Chibuike Akwudike

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